Friday 25 September 2015

Making Your Home Hallway Welcoming.

When you open your front door your showing guest, or even them unwanted door knockers, one of the main parts of your home - your hallway. It's not just the skirting boards that you need to make sure are clean, but also the presentation as well, if you want a good image portrayed to you.

Hallways are the first thing guest will see when you open your front door to them, unless you're one of those people who use your back door or side door as the door guest enter through that is! There's not much you can do with a hallway, but there are somethings you can do!

One: Plain, but Clean Decorated Walls.

One of the first things I look at when I enter someone's home is their skirting boards, I'm forever having to clean mine and I do wonder if other's are the same. I think this stems back to when I was a child who had no confidence to look up to the person we was visiting, however I'd look down and stare at the white skirting boards. Since becoming an adult, I've made sure mine are always clean, or at least I tell myself so!

Two: Make A Sideboard a Reception Desk.

Who said reception desk are just for businesses? I'm not saying have someone sat behind it with a phone and computer waiting to take your visitor's name to give them a visitor pass, but a reception desk with a few family snaps in pretty frames and a bunch of fresh or fake flowers always appeal to the eye! You can pick up an oak sideboards for cheaper than you can imagine by hunting around, and transform it into a major part of your home!

Three: Wall Quotes.

Many of us use quotes on a day to day basis, I'm forever saying ain't no body got time for that when I'm faced with a task I simply do not want to carry out - like the ironing every morning, although I still do it anyway! Get a wall quote put up on your wall to make your home feel welcoming and friendly, you can pick these up for as little as a few pounds, but the transformation itself will be worth a billion dollars, or pounds as us Brits call our money!

Remember though, your home is your home, and if you love the way you live then why change it? There's a certain extent to catering for your guest, and by law there's nothing you have to do, but as friendliness we offer them a drink and a sit down, but your decorations and furniture is not there for them, it wasn't picked by them and it's not them who lives in your home - its you!

Until next time,
Jada x


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