Wednesday 15 October 2014

Unfair Policies!

Now, I don't want to particularly slag off Spud's school as I have no major issues with them, however, I'm sat here quite angry right now to be perfectly honest with you. I dropped Spud off to school this morning as usual, I come home, made a drink and set the laptop up ready for the working day ahead of me.

Just before lunch time, I receive a text from the school that has gone to every parent saying in brief words; thank you for the interest in the Halloween party, all tickets have now been allocated. I'm pretty sure Spud had not mentioned this to me, nor do I believe we've received a letter or text about the party.

Spud's on a school trip today, so his book bag is here at home with me, before jumping to conclusions, I checked his book bag because there has been times in the past where I've missed a letter, but there wasn't nothing. I then went back through my text messages to see if a text was sent and somehow I had missed it, again there was nothing.

Before jumping the gun, I asked my neighbour who's little boy is in the same year as Spud to see if she was aware of the situation, just like me, she too had not knew anything about it until the text had arrived a short while ago. I then proceeded to call two friends of whom have children in the same year as Spud, one answered and said her child had got the letter yesterday, the other's phone is switched off but I'll be asking her at school this afternoon.

My friend who's child had been invited told me the Halloween party date and time, as I was not aware of any of the details as my child was not invited. My friend then went on to tell me it wasn't just for children in the school, but their whole families (if they wanted to attend) and how 170 tickets had gone.

So, to get this right, the school had 170 tickets, but my child, and my neighbours child was not invited. I've spoke to just two other parents, one who's child was invited, one who's child wasn't, but I'm guessing there is going to be other's, like me and my neighbour who have had no clue about this party until the text arrived not long ago.

Children have every right to be happy and excited, and this is where my problem lays. Children in school are going to be talking about the party, discussing ideas to who is coming along with them and what they're wearing, maybe teachers will be talking too. However, I will have to be the one who faces my child and see's him upset when he discovers tickets have been allocated to an event we didn't even know nothing about.

Spud loves Halloween, a quick search of Halloween in the search box to the right in my side bar will bring up lot's of post. This year, me and Spud are hosting our third annual Halloween blog party, and now after today's event's I'm so glad more then ever that I am. However, Spud is still going to be missing out on what could of potentially been his first school disco as the school doesn't do these thing's usually.

I'm extremely upset and would love to know how the children were chosen. At first, with a judgemental hat on, I presumed it was for children from benefit families, but then when I spoke to my friend and discovered her little girl had got the letter, I realised it couldn't of been this as she too works.

Then I thought maybe it was about behaviour, my Spud has never ever been in trouble once, I could take pictures of his reports and show you all how year after year I get the same feedback from his teachers, he's an ideal pupil, very quiet - sometimes too quiet, a pleasure to teach, a role model to other students etc.

Does anyone else think I am being stupid? All I can see right now is a upset little face when he discovers what's going on! I really don't see how any of it its fair and the last thing is, why on earth are families of these children being given spaces when other children who actually attend the school could be going?



  1. Did anyone else in his class receive a letter? If not I wonder what their selection process could've been...

  2. I think that is really unfair.....I would be going into the school and finding out what's went on and be complaining!!

  3. This is terrible. I hope he is more happy with your party than with theirs and that you get to the bottom of it. Don't let them get off the hook. Make them accountable and make them explain. Will stay tuned x

  4. did you ask the school why he wasn't invited?