In October 2010, two brothers Mark and Stephen Walder founded the No1 Gadget Store on the belief they could provide the greatest toys, games, gadgets and other cool stuff at rock bottom prices. After just two months of development, the two founders were actively selling their stock on both eBay and Amazon with the launch of their website during the new year.

The No1 Gadget Store originally got in touch with me showcasing just two of their products, the zombie shower gel and the blood shower gel, on further inspection after browsing their website, I come across a small number of products that would fit in well at any house hosting a Halloween party this year.


Blood Bathmat.

Enter the bathroom of doom and find yourself baffled as to why the bloody footprints lead in or out of the shower. Scare guest this Halloween with this terrifying bath mat as one of the most spooky Halloween bathroom accessories!


Zombie Shower Gel
£5.99 for 400ml.

This zombie shower gel is not only a zombie lover's bathroom essential, but also the fabulous accessory to leave laying on show at any Halloween party this year, because you're not safe from zombies, not even in the bathroom!


Blood Bath Shower Curtain.
£11.95 (180cm x 180cm).

Surprise your guest even more this Halloween with this shower curtain in your bathroom. Keep the curtain closed, and maybe prop a cutout behind it for the ultimate bathroom scare tactic! This shower curtain goes brilliantly well with the other bloody products available from the website.


Billy Bob Little Vampire Pacifier/Dummy.

This vampire themed dummy would look great accompanying the little Halloween fans around the country, especially those dressed up as vampires! It may cost a little bit more then the other dummies on the market, but what dummy do you know has a full set of vampire teeth!?


Blood Bath Hand Towel.

To go along perfectly with the bathmat and shower curtain, this blood bath towel will add the finishing touches to your bathroom of horrors. Of course the towel can be used an an accessory on it's own, but I think the whole set will make a brilliant scene setter!


Blood Bath Shower Gel.
£6.95 for 400ml.

Lastly but not least is this amazing fake blood shower gel! If you're not afraid of some mess, you could pour this over your bathroom tiles, around your sink and toilet and let your Halloween guest scream in shock at the scene they've entered!


To view more products, visit the official website No1 Gadget Store.

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