Friday 10 October 2014

Nine Things I Just Cant Handle!

Pet hates, we all have them don't we? You know the things that drive you up the wall, give you goosebumps and the shivers? The things that make you squeal and want to look away - yes those things! Travelling home on the bus, on my way from the hospital, I had a guy sat in front of me who had two items of my pet hate list marked off, and so I thought I'd tell you my nine!

Thumbs down

In no particular order, my nine is listed below!

1. Lobe Gauging
WHY!? Before I start this paragraph properly, I had to Google what this was called, I typed big ear holes in the search box, which then led me to ear stretching and then LG! I'm not to sure when this started, but what I do know is that it's coming more popular, the sight freaks me out - badly! I once got served by a sales assistant with a huge hole, I couldn't look at any part of his face during the whole transaction, it's one of my top three pet hates!

2. Blood
All kinds of blood, fresh from a cut blood, lots of blood, a little bit of blood, dried blood, pouring with blood, fake blood. It freaks me out and makes me feel faint, actually I have fainted at the doctors before when I was pregnant and they took my bloods! One look at that needle filled with blood and wham, next thing I know I'm on the floor being seen to by the nurse and a doctor!

3. Males with long nails!
This may seem really stupid to you, but it's a cringe for me and would be the perfect reason to end a relationship! I can't stand men who have long nails, I'm not being sexist and saying it's just for females, but for me personally it's the biggest turn off! Erh and don't get me started about dirt under the nails!

4. Street Preachers/Approachers.
When I'm in town, I'm usually always in a rush. I'm not a big fan of town, the noise, the carnage, the chaos, the over-tired shop workers, the loungers, the bummers. I want to get in and out as quickly as I can, I don't want to be stopped every 50 yards by various people. I support a few charities, and do this via direct debit - besides, why would I give you my card details in town? Do I know you! No - I don't want to buy your music, sorry it's just not my taste. Yes I know about the pledge Christ made for us, thanks!

5. Alarm Clocks!
Why cant you just let me sleep? Why do you have to wake me up early every single day? I know you're a brilliant invention, but seriously... Can't you be a little bit more nicer?

6. Bad Hygiene.
Soap and water cost pennies, and so does deodorant too! For the sake of all the noses in the world, please, please, PLEASE make sure your pits don't stink. I understand we all sweat and get hot, but seriously, there's no excuse as to why you should stink so bad. If you can't practise common hygiene, please don't sit next to me on the bus on a summers day!

7. Spiders.
I don't care if they get the flies, why not just get rid of spiders and flies and then you won't need any of them? Why do they come in your home? Why can't they just be like caterpillars and just stay outside!

8. Chocolate.
It makes me fat, do I need to say more?

9. Public Transport Music
When there is a bus or train full of people, and you get that group of youths who want to blast out their favourite songs. No one has a problem with music, I'm sure we all listen to our favourites, but no one wants to listen to other's choices of songs! Unless you're at a wedding, because then you have no choice!

What are your Nine Things I Just Cant Handle I'd love to see other's!

Jada x


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