Tuesday 7 October 2014

How To Make Halloween Fondant Icing Cupcake Toppers

If you want to make some yummy treats for the trick or treaters this Halloween why not rustle up a batch of cupcakes finished off with a delicious fondant icing Halloween-themed topper.

Here are three freakishly fabulous examples for you to make. But don’t stop here, let your imagination run wild and see what other toppers you can come up with!

Fondant Icing Ghost Topper

First, let's make a ghoulish ghost to float on your cupcakes. This is a straightforward topper that only requires white and black fondant icing. To fix the eyes and mouth, you'll need to use a little cooled, boiled water.

1. Knead your white fondant icing until pliable then tear off a chunk.

2. Roll your chunk of icing into a ball, then gradually shape it into a cone.

3. Carefully elongate the narrow end of the cone to get the ghost's trailing tail.

4. At the wider end of the cone, gently pinch in and roll the icing slightly to create a neck and define the head.

5. Take some scissors and snip into the fondant icing on either side of the body. Lift the icing up to create the arms.

6. Roll some black icing into three small balls and flatten to create the eyes and mouth. Fix into place using cooled, boiled water.

Black Cat Fondant Topper

This cute black cat topper will look brilliant perched atop your cupcakes. This is a little more advanced and requires black, white and purple fondant icing.

1. Knead your black icing until pliable, then roll it into a ball, then divide into thirds.

2. Use two of the thirds to create the body. Roll them into a ball and gradually shape into a cone for the body.

3. Take your final third of black fondant icing and divide in half. Roll one half onto a ball for the head.

4. Using your remaining black icing, now it's time to create the legs. Divide the icing into flour and then roll each into a cone shape, flattening the end for the paws. Glue these into place using some cooled, boiled water.

5. Fix the head into place using the same method.

6. Use a small amount of black fondant to create the tail and ears, then fix them to the body and head.

7. To make the eyes use some purple icing flattened into ovals and two tiny bits of black icing for the pupils. Stick these to the head.

8. For the muzzle, roll some white fondant icing into a ball and flatten into an oval. Then add a nose with some black icing. Using a cocktail stick (toothpick) add some detail to the muzzle.

Fondant Icing Pumpkin Topper

Pumpkins and Halloween are inseparable and it's easy to create a bath of cupcakes topped with fondant icing pumpkins.

1. Dust your work surface with icing sugar, then knead and roll out your orange fondant icing to a depth of about 2-3mm.

2. Using a circle cutter, press out a circle slightly larger then the top of the cupcake.

3. Using the back of a knife, mark the segments of the pumpkin.

4. Fix your fondant icing topper to the cupcake with a ball of chocolate frosting, laying the topper smoothly on top and covering the frosting.

5. Once in place, make a small indent in the middle of the topper with your finger.
6. Roll a short stalk out of brown fondant icing and stick into place using cooled, boiled water.

These cake toppers are sure to go down a treat when tiny terrors come knocking on Halloween!

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Until next time,
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