Wednesday 22 October 2014

Choosing the Right Sports Costume for Halloween.

For most women, Halloween isn't just a time to dress up – it's a time to look good doing it. No matter what costume you wear, from the spooky to the glamorous to something sports-themed, you want to look sexy in it. With a cat costume or a devil outfit that's easy, but when it comes to sports costumes for women it can be tricky. Don't worry though! With a little planning and the right knowledge, you can get a sports costume that will wow everyone.

The key to a sexy sports costume for women is making sure you don't come across as too masculine. While there are many female athletes who are heroes to many of us, a sports costume for Halloween is less about looking like one of the players and more about making a fantasy out of it.

Here are four sports costumes ideas that do just that, helping you look great while also injecting the fun and excitement of sports. Just add fake blood, some fake wound scars and maybe a spider web or two and away you go!

Referee A football player has a pretty masculine outfit. So what should you do if you want to rock a football-inspired costume? Go for a referee costume instead. Being a referee has endless potential. The black and white stripes are instantly recognizable, and they have a slimming effect and look great style-wise.

Then there's the fact that referees get to pass judgment on the players and whether a play was legal or not. You can have a lot of fun calling foul on your friends or on that cute guy you meet at the party. The perfect referee outfit includes a black and white top, black short skirt or short shorts, and knee high baseball socks. Don't forget your whistle!

Cheerleader Cheerleaders are athletes too, and they are perhaps the most timeless female sports figure of all. Even better, cheerleaders are the stuff of men's dreams. Every boy grew up with a crush on one of the cheerleaders at his school. Plus, cheerleader outfits really are fabulous!

Cheerleader Halloween costumes tend to be even better, often with a lot of tummy showing and a very small top, but there are more traditional options available as well. Match a pair of fuzzy boots with your pom-poms and you're ready to go. 

Race car driver A race car driver is one of the hottest sports costumes for women. That's because most race car driver costumes come with a full bodysuit that hugs your curves and shows off your best assets—while also being surprisingly comfortable. These suits are sleek and eye-catching. You can pair the outfit with a helmet (carried, not worn) or a checkered flag.

Baseball outfit Okay, we said the key is to not look too masculine, so why are we recommending a baseball costume? The answer is simple: because a baseball tee looks amazing on a woman's body. Every man thinks it's sexy to see a woman wearing one of his shirts, and the same goes for a baseball uniform. It should look a little big on you and you can pair it with shorts so it looks like the tee is all you're wearing.

Do you have other ideas for great sports-themed costumes for women?


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