Thursday 23 October 2014

Halloween with Choc on Choc

Messing around with chocolate in the kitchen one day in 2003, talented inventor Kerr Dunlop and his then recently graduated daughter Flo Broughton was filling rubber moulds shaped as noughts and crosses. The idea was small, that the chocolate used in the moulds would create nice presents for the family. The pair soon devised a business plan and made enough chocolates to take to a trade show in Birmingham, to their surprise several shops made orders for their beautiful looking chocolate.

A white chocolate ghost on a slab of milk chocolate.
To stand out from other competitors, Flo and Kerr came up with the original, and now patented idea of layering chocolate on top of chocolate, creating unique and beautiful chocolate designs. It was then Choc on Choc was born.

In time for my Halloween press feature, I was kindly sent both bars of their Halloween themed chocolate the company sell, a spider bar and a ghost bar. Both bars weigh 120 grams and are gluten free, the bars also hold a shelf life of up to one year, but I can't imagine chocolate ever lasting that long, and my thoughts was only stronger when I sat down to review these bars myself.

I had received one bar of each design, and made the decision to not take these bars along to our press party. It may seem selfish, but I know the design would of caught the eyes of everyone, and just like a ghost, both bars would of vanished, leaving me clueless to what the chocolate tasted like!


The Ghost Bar
Cost: £3.99 per 120g bar.

On first thoughts, the ghost bar looked more appealing to me, my favourite chocolate of all the kinds is white chocolate, and noticing a large area (the ghost itself) being white chocolate, I could only mentally taste the chocolate until I had time to try it out myself. Spud himself is not a keen chocolate fan at all, but does however enjoy a small amount of white chocolate every so often.

Overall, taste wise, this bar was both mine and Spud's favourite, with no dark chocolate in site, and no eight legged freaks it won hands down in our chocolate tasting evening.

Milk chocolate: 33.5% minimum. 
White chocolate: 28% minimum. 


The Spider Bar
Cost: £3.99 per 120g bar.

Initially, I opened the box and tried to avoid looking at this bar, telling myself I'd try to eat a piece to sample with my eyes closed. It was only on closer inspection when I sat down to review the bars I noticed how cleverly designed it had been made. The web itself lays quite flat upon the solid background, however the spider gives off a 3D appearance making the spider look real, but just covered in chocolate.

I'm not a fan of dark chocolate what so ever, and try to avoid it at all cost, however with the main area of the chocolate bar being milk chocolate, I was pleasantly surprised to not have a overpowering taste of dark chocolate, but indeed a blend of the three main chocolates out there.

Dark chocolate: 53% minimum.
Milk chocolate: 33.5% minimum.
White chocolate: 28% minimum.


The back of the both bars consist of imprinted square blocks, making it easier for you to break off pieces of chocolate, and it's also a great way to monitor a child's daily/weekly allowance. After all, the fantastic 12 month shelf life makes it possible for the bar to be consumed by eating just two squares a month! Not that chocolate would ever last that long in this household!

The Choc on Choc range is stocked in selected retailers including John Lewis, Boots, Harrods and Selfridges.

The complete range is available to view and purchase online with nationwide delivery from the official Choc on Choc website.