Friday 24 October 2014

Halloween with Baker Ross

Baker Ross is a well known, online arts and crafts business started up by Patti Baker in 1974. The company sells over 4000 items through their catalogues and online website including pocket money toys, educational supplies, party bag items and thousands of art and crafts products.

I've seen quite a few Baker Ross post on other blogs, and must admit I was a little envious of the people being so lucky to work with them. I've mentioned arts and crafts on here a few times before, and if you're a friend or family member, or even a fellow blogger who's on my Facebook, you'll know how much me and Spud love a good arts and crafts session.

When Baker Ross got in touch sending me some images of their fantastic Halloween range, which is impressively quite large, I just knew I had to get them involved in this year's Halloween feature and was delighted when they sent me some of their Halloween bath ducks and party bag fillers to try out.


Halloween Rubber Ducks
Cost for pack of 6: £3.96
Cost for pack of 18: £11.34

I thought these Halloween themed rubber ducks would go down well as not only party bag/Trick or Treat items but also as a fun water themed activity! Each duck is approximately 5cm and are suitable for ages 3+, costing just 63p per duck if brought in a pack of 18, and 66p if brought in a pack of six these ducks went down in the Unique Young Mum household.

Each pack of six features six different designs which are a mummy duck, a witch duck, a vampire duck, a ghost duck, a pumpkin duck and monster/Frankenstein duck. We received twelve ducks, of which we gave one each to the six other children who attended our Halloween press bash, and kept the other six at home for Spud to play with.

Decorating our bathroom sink with Halloween tinsel and some Halloween light accessories, I filled the sink with warm water, the six ducks and a spooky hand salad server for Spud to play with whilst we waited for his bath to run. I then took the hand away and told Spud to close his eyes, picking one duck each time and asked him to try to identify the duck he had selected, it was a great little activity and game, and took a minute to set up, and just minutes to play!


Halloween Toy Pack
Cost for pack of 6: £1.98 
Cost for pack of 30: £9.00

Party bag fillers are sold all year round, but when it comes to Halloween, it's not often you come across a good selection of Hallowen party bag fillers. This Halloween toy pack is just one of the many sets of Halloween fillers that Baker Ross sell.

Included in each bag of six is two hand drums; one a black colour with a ghost, the other a orange colour with a pumpkin, two magic springs; one a black colour with a skull, the other a orange colour with a pumpkin and two whistles with attached cord to be worn around the neck in a purple or green skull design and a green or purple pumpkin design.

These fillers cost as little as 30p each when brought in a bundle of 30, or just 33p each when purchased in a packet of six, suitable for ages 3+ they make great tricks to give Halloween knockers, make fabulous favours for party guest, or can even be a treat for the children who celebrate Halloween at home.


The two Halloween items I've mentioned above are just a few of many Halloween themed items Baker Ross sell. To give you a rough idea of the other items the company sell, I've made this little collage below featuring make your own witch and wizard hats, a pack of four Halloween mugs, a pack of six colour in mini Halloween bags and witch broomstick kits.

Baker Ross have a number of delivery options available, ensuring your desired products reach you on time. They ship to the UK, Channel Islands and B.F.P.O with next day delivery available on UK mainland orders, as well as international shipping to many countries.

To view not only the full Halloween range, but thousands of other products too, check out the official Baker Ross website.