Wednesday 1 October 2014

Setting The Right Example For Your Children: Why Your Actions Will Help Them In The Long Run.

Being a good parent extends well beyond providing your child’s needs in life. Aside from showering your child with love and care, it’s also important to impart the necessary values in life that would help shape them into a good person. By setting the right example, your child will be able to act accordingly within the society.

A well-raised child will also speak volumes about the character of their parents. The concept of good parenting varies from the preferred approach of a person. While setting a good example to your child may go through certain failures and missteps, there are several resources such as textbook guidelines and online sites that can help this cause.

Parenting experts recommend that you should foster yourself as a good role model through plenty of small gestures. For instance, it’s easier to show your child about the importance of expressing gratitude by saying ‘thank you’ each time they accomplish a favourable deed. In this way, parents are not being too authoritative. And by picking up on your example, your kid will naturally say the same when others do something nice to them. There’s no need to instruct them on what to say each time somebody says or does a good thing to your child

Apologies are an important thing to do as well. When admitting to a mistake and saying they’re sorry, parents are showing their kid that committing errors is a natural occurrence. Explain to them the reason behind the apology. When you provide a simple explanation for the things you do, children will understand that there is a logical factor for your action.

According to psychologist Eileen Kennedy-Moore, the idea of explaining the reason for your actions focuses on the "modeling plus" strategy. This technique allows your child to process the validity of your actions. Children don’t always respond effectively to body language and non-verbal cues, said Kennedy-Moore, who is also the author of Smart Parenting for Smart Kids. But be careful on the language that you choose in explaining your actions to them. Children, especially teenagers, tend to detach themselves quickly when they feel they are being scolded or put under criticism.

Children are natural imitators. You may not be aware of it, but the way you carry yourself at home and even outside will have a considerable impact on your child’ behavior. At times when they witness bad behavior from you such as language laced with expletives, learn to accept this a form of bad judgment. But don’t let it stick to their minds that admitting to their mistakes is already a good example in itself. A proactive approach remains the better solution. They may readily admit that they did something wrong, but it’s useless when they have done it for the 10th or 20th time.

A good role model to children does not involve seeking to become the perfect do-gooder. Lift the pressure off from them by reminding that it’s not always about being right and good, but being able to take responsibility for their mistakes and using them as a learning experience.

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