Sunday 26 October 2014

Halloween with M&S

Marks and Spencers have a fabulous selection of Halloween treats this year suitable for Halloween fans of all ages and sizes and no matter how they're celebrating. From crisp to cake, biscuits to sweets, M&S really have covered all Halloween food items this year for both the meat-eater and vegetarians.

We very luckily received four items from the large Halloween food range M&S sell during the scary period. At time of writing and posting this article, all Halloween confectionery was on a 3 for 2 special offer promotion.


Spooky Skull & Bone Mallows£1 for 180g bag.

This bag of vanilla flavoured skull and bone shaped marshmallows are a steal at just £1. Pop them into a bowl and enjoy then at home with a movie, or place them onto a mini Halloween themed tray and watch big and little horrors demolish them at your party, or you could even pop them onto skewers and toast them over your favourite candle!


Animated Coffin Box Of Jelly Sweets
£5 for a 350g box.

This has got to be my favourite Halloween themed product of 2014, a coffin shaped box, that is not only filled with individually wrapped jelly sweets, but a box that also makes a spooky noise every time you open the coffin lid thanks to the tiny speaker on the inside of the coffin door.

This box went extremely down well at our Halloween press party, the orange, lime and blackcurrant jellies were gone within an hour, but the door still kept getting opened just so we could hear the sound effect! Me and Spud have purchased one our self and can't wait to spook out trick or treaters this year! 


Veggie Pumpkins
£1 for a 100g bag.

Another great steal at just £1 is these fruit flavoured veggie pumpkins. suitable of course for vegetarians. I'm personally not a vegetarian but a large number of family members are which means whenever parties and get-together's are organised, we have to cater for both type of guest. I've not seen any other Halloween sweets out there on the market that are vegetarian, and for the price of these M&S Halloween sweets, they're worth a try alone!


Severed Fingers
£1.50 for a 80g net. 

Sporting extremely well looked after fingers and nails, this pack of individually foiled wrapped fingers fortunately doesn't contain a real severed finger, but instead a chocolate finger with a gooey caramel centre. Each finger weighs approximately 10g.

So no matter what you're doing this Halloween, there's sweets and treats for the whole family, and of course, if you're having a party, they're suitable for friends too!

For the full Halloween food range, visit your local M&S store. To locate your nearest store, please visit the Marks and Spencer website.


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