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by Jada, August 19, 2013
I am ecstatic to finally be writing this post, I have been waiting for this day for so long, well actually, its 22:19 pm at the time of writing this particular sentence, so I suppose its actually night time, oh well my new design is live!!! I love the design so much, ever so much, isn't it lovely!? 

Back in February, YES February I got in contact with a designer also called Jade who is a wonderful talented young lady, and we got talking about her marvelous work, it was soon discussed about a new design for Unique Young Mum and Jade got working on my design and I could of cried when I had the finished product, this beaut!

I will be telling you all about Jade soon in a separate post I am planning to do, all other bloggers and website owners need to know about her, she can transform your blog perfectly, from tatty to professional with her amazing work! Jade has worked with some big companies including Mattel/Fisher Price and TOMY!

I love absolutely everything about the new design, the colours, the design, ohh just everything, everything, everything!!

I thought as August was the month Unique Young Mum turned one, this would be the perfect month to get the new design up on the blog. I hope my wonderful readers and visitors love the new design as much as me! I am more established now and have built up a satisfactory readership, I have worked and continue to work with some fabulous and amazing companies, and I felt the need for a more professional look.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new design!!

Jada x 
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