Friday 2 August 2013

Happy Blogaversary Unique Young Mum!

Wow, a year already, time really does fly doesn't it. One year ago today, I started Unique Young Mum, I never thought a year on, I'd still be going, not because I didn't want the journey to last, but because I didn't think I could do it. I start things all the time, and give them up pretty quickly, just like the diet I start every week ;)

Unique Young Mum was/is the best thing that's happened to me personal/career wise, thanks to Unique Young Mum I was able to write freely, and let out the things that needed to be said, weather anyone read it or not, to me it helped. Thanks to Unique Young Mum I was able to come off benefits (again) and work via home. Thanks to Unique Young Mum I have interacted and met some amazing people, to name a few are Helen, Karen, Angela, Chelsea, Laura and loads more. Thanks to Unique Young Mum me and Spud have had the opportunity to review some amazing products and share them all with you, we've all had the opportunity to review some not so excellent products that we've been able to warn you all about too!

Thanks to Unique Young Mum, me and Spud have been to some pretty amazing events, and interacted and met some lovely PR people, there are just way too many to name, but Brooke and the whole team over at Norton are just lovely, very personal and a company that actually get your name right and of whom you can tell read your blog! Jo from Spin Master, Tanya from WOW, Louise from TOMY, Marek from Lionsgate are just a few of my favourites! Thank you to ALL the companies I've ever worked with, we value you trusting us with your products for honest and detailed reviews.

I want to say a special thanks to Popagami, the first company to offer me a reviewing opportunity, the company who sponsored me for BritMums Live 2013 and who has been a constant support network for me egging me on & praising me! To Drumond Park, for being the second company when I was very new, Bandai, TOMY, Lego, Fisher Price, Lionsgate, WOW, MAM, Spin Master and so much more, you gave me trust and reviewing opportunities when I was very new on the scene, I'm delighted to of continued working with you all, I appreciate the chances you gave me when other companies didn't want to, but whom now want to work with me, thank you!

y fabulous readers/subscribers/regular visitors, thank you, thank you for reading my post, even the boring ones, thank you for interacting and leaving comments, thank you for your support when the post are bad, and thank you for the compliments when the post are good.

To my 'real life' friend Trina, your always egging me on and congratulating me when I ring you to tell you about another milestone on my blog, others would just think oh here she goes again, but you, you just keep listening, to all the good and the bad, and encourage me every day!

To my amazing family, thank you Dad for lending me your spare laptop, the reason how Unique Young Mum came about, thank you Mum for helping me sort out the non techy side of things, thanks to my siblings for their help with parties/features/reviews and events! I just want to say a special thank you once more to my parents and Liz, they are constantly congratulating me on how well I do and how proud they are of me, constantly there for me and helping in any way they can! Thank you for always believing in me, encouraging me and praising me on a regular basis! I have the best support network I could ever ask for, your all amazing and me and Spud love you very much.

To my beautiful darling prince charming amazing caring loving Spud, you are my entire world, I thank God for the blessing of having you as my son, you are perfect to me and always will be. My premature baby boy born 7 weeks early, you amaze me every single day, I love you forever and always more than words can say. Thank you for being my number 1 main review tester, giving the items you see a proper gruelling test, to see if they are good enough, or to see if they fit the trash pile! We are a team, the best of friends and mother and son too!

Once again, a big thank you to everyone, I wish I could mention so many more people/companies, I'd be here all day! I appreciate everyone, my readers/subscribers/regular visitors, again a big thank you for returning to read my post!

To celebrate Unique Young Mum turning one, some amazing companies including Fisher Price, TOMY, WOW Toys, Vivid Imaginations, MAM, Wilko, Bandai, Popagami, Spin Master, Signature Entertainment and Drumond Park.

I also have 3 competitions for you to participate in, a gold competition, a silver competition and a bronze competition.

Please do check back soon and keep an eye on the competitions page for all the giveaways that are live!

Jada xx


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