Chuggington is a children's animated show aired frequently on Cbeebies, join Wilson, Koko and Brewster (and their friends) as they learn to ride the rails, learn valuable lessons about friendship and working together. The trains in Chuggington are given task to complete, if they successfully complete their mission they are rewarded with a badge.

Back in July, TOMY very kindly sent Spud some of their new toys from the Chuggington Stack your Track range, first up we reviewed Koko's Ice Escape, you can read the review here, and you can also find all our other TOMY and Chuggington reviews here. Now it's time to introduce you to the smaller set in the range which is Koko's Safari Adventure, and thank you to the lovely team over at TOMY one of my very lucky readers/visitors will soon be the owner of one of these sets themselves! 

For the first time ever, you can stack your Chuggington track as high as the sky. There's no limit to how high you can go...except maybe your ceiling! The new Chuggington Die-Cast playsets from TOMY feature revolutionary track that is engineered for stability with sturdy connections, letting you build elevated layouts like never before. Plus, every action-packed playset can be built multiple ways, so your imagination can run wild. We received Koko's Ice Escapade playset, Koko's Safari Adventure playset, a Chuggington Stack Track pack which includes 15 pieces that can be added to any Chuggington Diecast playset and Old Puffer Pete.

Koko's Safari Adventure is a smaller set from the Chuggington Die Cast Stack Track range but do not be fooled by the word small! Koko's Safari Adventure is a 3 in 1 play set meaning three times the fun for your little ones!

 Inside the box we found 2 straight track pieces, 2 left curved track pieces, 2 right curved track pieces, strack track pieces, a tree with a monkey and a little box, a track drop curve piece, gates, a barrier, cargo, Koko, a cargo car and instructions.

 The set was extremely easy to set up, and now as we are so used to setting the track up, we don't need the instructions any more. Spud can build the track together himself, but has a little bit of difficulty taking it apart. I'd say adult help or at least supervision is required for younger children.

Once set up the track doesn't take up much space at all, this set took us roughly 5 minutes to build when we first received it, now it takes just a few minutes.

Spud find's it hilliarious to get Koko and the cargo car 3/4 of the way to the top, to then let go and watch as Koko rolls back down the track, Spud calls this Koko's backwards slide.

Take Koko and the cargo car to the top of the track where the tree and monkey stands, pick up or drop off the cargo containing loads of banana's and make your way off onto another adventure. Children's imaginations are endless!

Koko's Safari Adventure as I mentioned previously is a 3 in 1 play set, all 3 sets are extremely easy to set up, and the track only takes a few minutes to dissemble.

You can even join two or more play set's together, in the photo above, we have joined Koko's Ice Escapade and Koko's Safari Adventure together!

The Stack Your Track Chuggington range is suitable for ages 3+ with this particular set retailing for around £25.99 (RRP). To find out more about the Chuggington Stack your Track range, check out the Stack your Track website.

To find out more about TOMY and their fabulous Chuggington ranges plus much more, check out the official TOMY website.

For your chance to win your very own Koko's Safari Adventure set, check out the competition here.

Until next time,
Jada x

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