Any long time readers/visitors of my blog will know Spud is a huge Disney fan, he loves all things Disney but his ultimate favourite is Mickey Mouse. Spud's and Mickey's adventures began when Spud was a baby, he liked the bright colours and songs of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and before we knew it, a love was born. Below is just a picture of Spud's Mickey Mouse plushes, talking and dancing Mickey toys.

Over the last 2-3 years, Spud has had literally every single Mickey Mouse item Fisher Price has made bar a few. Fisher Price very kindly sent Spud the M3 Master Moves Mickey and the Mickey Mouse Farm set, most recently  we was offered the new Mickey Mouse Fly'n'Slide Clubhouse for Spud to review. As soon as the box arrived via the courier, Spud noticed the familiar Fisher Price logo, once he read Mickey Mouse printed on the box he was on the edge of exploding with excitement.

The Mickey Mouse Fly'n'Slide Clubhouse is in my opinion much better then the original clubhouse, the plastic used to create the Fly'n'Slide Clubhouse feels much more sturdier unlike the first one (we had problems with the slide and eventually left it unattached) and it feels more solid. The new clubhouse is a very big step up from the original clubhouse with a flying plane, a drop tunnel/cave and a much better slide.

The clubhouse comes complete with a Mickey Mouse movable/pose-able figure, a Minnie Mouse movable/pose-able figure, a plane that can be unattached, a slide that can be unattached, two unattached chairs for the figures to sit on, a table with indented food items, a telescope, a sea-saw for the figures to sit in. Attached to the clubhouse are chairs, the clubhouse door, Mickey's ear's (the top of the clubhouse) and a handle for carrying the clubhouse around.

The idea is to pop one of the figures into the plane, and move the plane 360 degrees around the clubhouse tower.

 With the stand in between the ears, pop a figure down the shoot (but make sure you have opened Toodles hatch first) and watch as the figures come flying out of Toodles hatch where the figure then slides down the slide.

You can also pop one of the figures behind the telescope and let them watch the other figure flying the plane, or in Spud's case be a spy to make sure the arch enemy Pete doesn't come by!

The clubhouse has unique attention to detail and is very appealing. The clubhouse balloon and some very familiar club house birds are imprinted onto the clubhouse tower, found below at the base of the clubhouse are imprints on the wall such as a book shelf and a TV (or maybe a cooker) and a jar (cookie jar maybe!?).

The clubhouse door can very easily open and close and the clubhouse also has two windows that have open area's to see through.

The colours are all primary based and very bright and appealing, the colours are mainly yellow, red, blue, green, black and purple.

The Fly'n'Slide Clubhouse is compatible with all other Fisher Price Mickey Mouse and friends figurines & even some playsets, Spud used some of his Mickey Mouse Farm animals to watch and laugh as they rolled down the slide.

Spud then used Donald and Daisy to join Mickey and Minnie at a picnic, then the mouse's (Mickey and Minnie) was placed on the sea-saw to have some fun whilst the ducks (Donald & Daisy) went up top to test out the slide, plane and telescope.

Spud loves his new clubhouse, he has not stopped playing with it since receiving it a few days ago, I've noticed how much he moves the clubhouse around from room to room (his room, the playroom and the living room) very easily thanks to the handle on the top of the clubhouse. 

My overall view on the new clubhouse is fantastic, I love the fact that it requires no batteries and I've noticed how much better the clubhouse is from the first one, its seems like it would last a lot longer than the first clubhouse from the quality of it.

The Fly'n'Slide Clubhouse is suitable for ages 2+ and is available to buy with a suggested RRP of £29.99 from Argos, Amazon and Toy Master.

To find out more about Fisher Price and to view their other Mickey Mouse Clubhouse items, check out the official website here, or you can also find them on Facebook here.

Fisher Price have very kindly put aside a Mickey Mouse Fly'n'Slide Clubhouse for one of my lucky readers/visitors to win. For your chance to win the fabulous clubhouse, enter the competition here.

Until next time,

Jada x
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