Saturday 10 August 2013

Stuck On You Personalised Products Review

Stuck on You was a company I come across from other blogger's reviews, I checked out the website and fell in love with their idea and products. I was delighted when Stuck on You let me and Spud pick out £60 worth of products for a review. The Stuck on You website is stocked with loads of fabulous unique and personalised products.

Stuck on You are specialist at unique, personal and lovely items suited for children from lunchboxes to clothing tags, from towels to pencils. Individual pictures on the products we received and more details on each product can be found below.

PLEASE NOTE: To protect Spud's real identity I have had to remove his real name. 

50 x Classic Iron On Clothing Labels - £12.99

I love these personalised iron on clothing labels. Throughout children's childhood life, they will lose things unfortunately, I have lost count of the amount of times Spud has lost a school jumper, or got his mixed up with someone else and their jumper. With thanks to Stuck on You's clothing labels, I now have 50 labels ready to iron onto Spud's clothing. I can iron these onto his school coat, his school jumpers, his school tops, his school trousers and even his socks!

You choose from a choice of 3 different coloured backgrounds for the label to have, blue, white or pink and choose a icon out of quite a few, to go at the end on the label. I went with the dinosaur design as Spud is really into Dinosaur Train at the moment! You can even choose the font you want the labels to have! I really do recommend everyone to get some of these fab items, they will save us some money and will put a cool look onto our children's uniforms!

Stainless Steel 500ml Bottle - £15.99

I have been searching for a personalised drink bottle like this for so long. What makes this bottle better than other stainless steel bottles, is the fact that I made it personal to Spud. The bottles are BPA free with a reduced spill system making it hard for the fluid to spill.

All the bottles are white, but you can choose your own design to go around the bottle from a choice of many. I chose the monster car design and was even able to choose the font I liked the most! Like the vast majority of Stuck on You products, the bottle can be personalised with a name up to 16 characters long.

Small Pocket Pencil Case - £9.99 

Stuck on You sell 3 different personalised pencil cases but it was this small pocket pencil case that I loved the look of the most. Once we received the pencil case, I knew straight away that I made the right choice! This Stuck on You pencil case is made from durable poly canvas and features two departments.

You can chose to have the pencil case in 3 different colours; navy, pink or red. I went with navy as Spud's favourite colour is blue! Once again, just like the other products I chose a different design for each product this time I went with the vehicles, I think the colour went really well with the navy background.

The pencil case is quite long, approx 170-230mm and Spud could easily fit standard size pencils in without the lead breaking. We managed to fit a packet of 12 pens and pencils in without force, but didn't want to overdo it and break the zip.

Toiletry Bag - £18.99

This personalised toiletry bag is one of my favourite products from Stuck on You, I think its amazing and I am so glad Stuck on You do such an amazing product. Not only is the toiletry bag spacious with loads of different departments inside of it, but it has a hanger too!

The thing that annoys me with toiletry bags is the fact that you are more than lkely using them in a bathroom, where most of the time a toilet resides meaning lots of germs. With this personalised toiletry bag you have a hanger meaning you wont have to try and find a decent place to rest your bag in the bathroom, instead you can just hang it up somewhere!

With all the different spaces departments, you can easily get a tooth brush, tooth paste, a flannel, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner to fit in easily with plenty of space left for any other items like a hairbrush, deodorant (not that a child need's deodorant of course!) etc!

Clip Magnet - £3

These little personalised magnets are a bargain at just £3, I love them and plan on buying some more very soon! I selected to have ''Spud's'' work on our magnetic clips, so I can pop the magnet onto our fridge and proudly show off his beautiful pictures he has drawn me!

The magnet clip works in a very simply way, you simply squeeze the top together to open the bottom, let the clip slowly squeeze onto whatever you want it to hold, and let go!

Again you can choose a number of colours, designs and font's to make your magnetic clip as personalised to your needs as desired! At such a small price of £3, you can show off your child's masterpieces or achievements to the world with a great quality personalised magnet.

All of the products I have shown off in this review can be purchased from Stuck on You. 

To check out the fabulous products and to find out more about Stuck on You, check out the official website here, find them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

Until next time,
Jada x


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