Thursday 8 August 2013

Jakks Pacific Smurf Launch Party

Last Sunday (4th August) me and Spud headed off to London with my cousin (and also Spud's God Mother) Karla, to Convent Gardens for the launch of the Jakks Pacific Smurf toys launch party. Prior to the event we were told via invite the children could dress up as Smurfs and Smufettes if they would like to, although it was not compulsory  Not wanting Spud to miss out on the fun, Karla drove us to Toys R Us, Argos and a few local fancy dress shops in search of a children's Smurf costume. Everywhere we tried, we just had no luck in finding a costume, however we were able to purchase a hat and some blue face paint! 

Aiming to get to London and find our way to the event via tubes for a 9:30 am start meant a 6:30 am wake up alarm on a Sunday morning, we watched the first Smurf movie on Saturday evening and me and Karla didn't end up going to bed til 2 am, not surprisingly me and Karla were like walking zombies in the morning whilst Spud was bouncing off the walls with excitement! Due to the lack of energy me and Karla both needed, we decided to take Spud's 'costume' with us and do everything on the train.

The face paint I purchased literally was just sold in single colours, they was professional face paints and all colours were sold individually, I also purchased a professional face painting sponge to apply the paint with and who would of known how good it come out considering we done it on the train to Paddington! Next I popped Spud's new Smurf hat onto his head and thanks to a quick search on Google I made sure we had the hat on correctly. I also made Spud a Smurf identify top, I used an old school white polo top and wrote Boss Smurf on the front of his top using a Sharpie blue marker, on the back of the top I wrote @JAKKSToys for people to search if they was wondering why a human Smurf was walking the streets of London.

With a little help from another blogger, we found our way to the Odeon cinema where the event was taking place, we was invited to watch the new Smufs 2 film and check out the new range of Smurf toys from Jakks Pacific. On our arrival we was greeted by adult human Smurfs and Smurfettes who were all very lively, happy and exciting characters! We walked through the entrance doors and first in sight was a table showing off the fantastic new Smurfs toy range joined by some standing cardboard cut outs of some familiar Smurf characters!

We was pointed in the direction of the registration desk where I signed in and then we was kindly told to help ourselves to drinks, popcorn and Haribo for the little ones. We made our way into the cinema screening and found 3 seats just in time before the movie started. After a fabulous introduction from the team we all sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the brand new Smurf 2 film. The film was totally amazing, Spud has already put it on his Father Christmas list and is quite eager to see it again at the cinema!

After the film finished, we was led outside and the children were split into groups so each group could head off and do some Smurf activities, first up for Spud's group was a 'hide & seek' game in the cinema screening room, some cheeky Smurf's were hiding and using clues and magnifying glasses the children all headed off to find them! 

The second activity for Spud's group was to have their photo's taken professionally with Smurfette, and we all received s a copy of our children's photo's there and then to take home with us, a way to look back on such a enjoyable event!

Spud was also snapped having a photo with the director and a few other children enjoying in the fun!

The third activity for the group Spud was in was to try and help one of the human Smurfette's turn plain water into blue water, the first attempt turned the water red, the second attempt turned the water green and on the third attempt it was third time lucky as the mission was complete, the water had turned blue!

The fourth and final activity was for the children to all look through a special box that contained the Smuf village and to spot characters, the human Smurfette in charge of that activity also asked the children questions about the film such as their favourite characters and most favourite part of the film!

Spud can just about be seen sitting at the back :)
Next it was time for all the groups to un-group and for all the children to sit down on the floor for the fancy dress winners to be announced, 4th place was called, 3rd place was called, 2nd place was called and I could not believe it when Spud was called out for the 1st place! Spud had won the fancy dress competition and received some fabulous prizes, all Smurf toys of course which we will be reviewing very soon!

A professional photographer was at the event hence the reason why I have these fabulous photo's and he asked if he could take a photo of Spud, his prizes and the director in charge of the day! Spud was only too happy to oblige, still in his element of winning the comp and receiving such fabulous prizes!

Sadly before we knew it, the event was over and it was time for the children to receive their goody bags, all Smurf style of course! Spud carried on through London that day and all the way home one very proud and happy boy. Tourist and even non tourist were stopping us every few minutes and waving and calling out to Spud, he felt like a little celebrity!

Both me and Spud would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Jakks Pacific for inviting us to the Smurfs toy range! Me and Spud will be reviewing some of the new Smurf toy range very soon, but for now I will leave you with a sneak peak of some of the range!

Smurfs 2 the movie is out now at cinema's nationwide. 

For more information on the Smurfs toy range from Jakks Pacific check out the official website here, find them on Facebook here or you can follow them on Twitter here.

Unti next time, have a Smurfectic day!

Jade x


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