Thursday 22 August 2013

Trying To Stop The Loneliness

Spud as many of you will know is a only child, although he enjoys this enormously and I can't imagine him wanting to share me I feel sometimes he gets lonely. Spud is very attached to me, and I am also also attached to Spud, I truly do believe I have attachment parenting, either way our bond is very strong. I have 5 nephews and close friends with small babies, Spud gets very uncomfortable if I proceed to cuddle or interact with any other child apart from him for a moment longer than a few minutes.

Spud with all 5 of my nephews, his 5 cousins!
I try and encourage Spud to play with the toys surrounding him, and I have to constantly tell him when other children are around he is my number 1 boy in the whole world, no matter how old he is, he will always be my baby boy, this does not stop Spud pulling sad faces, and inching closer and closer to climbing on my lap, replacing the space of the baby who is sat there, in Spud's mind, my lap is his lap, I am his mummy and therefore no other child should be able to cuddle up to me. 

I would not say Spud is jealous, well I don't know, what does he have to be jealous of!? Spud has me all to himself for many hours every day, just me and my boy, the way we both like it. I think Spud gets worried, I am forgetting him, which of course is not the case when I am just simply giving one of my nephews a cuddle, or holding one of my friends baby. I sometimes think how Spud would behave if I did have another child, I am sure through the behaviour I have witnessed I could leave the room and Spud would be hiding the other child's toys or something, I may not ever know if that would be the case though of course as I only have Spud, and have no plan's to change that any time soon!

There are some times when Spud doesn't get jealous, and that's when I have my Dad's gorgeous little puppies on my lap, or when I am giving my auntie's cat a stroke and 'cuddle'. I don't think Spud is ready for a sibling in his life but I do think he is ready to share me via an animal. I think a puppy may be too needy, and could make Spud feel unwanted so I think the best animal for him to have is a kitten which of course will in time mature and age into a cat.

It's been a very long time since I've had a pet, and I must admit I am excited at the thought of having a new addition to our little close knit family, although there is only the two of us, I know our new addition would have a fabulous life, I can imagine Spud playing with our new pet, and our new pet snuggling up to Spud's feet when Spud is sleeping.

Just like a child though puppies and kittens need to have toys to chew on/play with, milk/water to drink and food to live on. As already mentioned, it's been a while since I've kept a pet, and whilst looking for cute items and toys to spoil our new addition with, I was amazed at the amount of pet accessories there are these days! I reckon me and our new addition are going to get on ever so well as I love shopping and trying new items!

Until next time,
Jada x