Friday 7 August 2020

WIN A Lunch Set From Bee Green Wraps

A lot of us all over the world are trying to reduce our plastic use for multiple reasons and it's great to see brands and companies doing their bit to reduce plastic waste. Bee Green Wraps are natural, organic, reusable food wraps, which works just like cellophane and can replace aluminium tin foil sandwich wrapping. The wraps are carefully made on an organic small-holding near Sydney from organic Australian beeswax and are imported (slowly!) by boat, to ensure they retain their 'green' footprint.

*Bee Green Wraps has provided the prize for this giveaway, I have not received any form of gifted or financial incentive from them to promote this giveaway*

Bee Green Wraps are made from the highest quality organic cotton, organic beeswax and a formula including jojoba oil and dammar resin. Unlike other wraps on the market, they do not 'bobble' when washed and can be used repeatedly.  Each wrap lasts for around a year, meaning fewer trips to the shops for clingfilm/tin foil and more money in your account! They can be composted at their end of life, so are truly environmentally sensitive.  They do just what they promise to do, they do not 'spring' away when moulded around a dish or sandwich and are truly great quality - they have received wonderful feedback from their customers with over 500 positive reviews.

In short, alongside being super-easy to use, these wraps are:

Re-usable - each one lasts for around a year
Washable - simply rinse in cold or tepid water
Mouldable - they easily fit around anything and are thick enough to really work!
Strong - tough and resilient, they do not tear easily!
Non-bobbling - unlike a lot of other wraps, when washed, these wraps don't bobble!
100% natural
Compostable - when you eventually come to get rid of your beeswax food wrap it can go in your recycler or on your compost heap!
Beeswraps are made from Beeswax, Organic jojoba oil, tree resin and organic cotton

Bee Green Wraps has one Lunch Set worth £12.99 to give away to one lucky reader/visitor of Unique Young Mum. This beeswax food wrap lunch set is the perfect pack for covering sandwiches.  It contains two wraps - one each in large and medium sizes and comes in 15 different styles - the winner will receive ONE pack at random from any of the 15 styles found here.

To find out more about Bee Green Wraps and to view their whole range, check out their website here.

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Good luck everyone,
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