Sunday 2 August 2020

(AD) The Pros and Cons of Nursery

A nursery is a rite of passage for some. It’s something which parents look forward to with excitement and trepidation in equal measure because the idea of sending their child off into the world alone is a big step to take. However, it should be remembered that nursery is not compulsory; it’s an available option for those families who decide it is the right choice for them and for their child.

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If you're undecided on whether to send your child to nursery or not, a good place to begin is to look at the pros and cons of nursery. To potentially help you with this big decision, below is a list of pros and cons which takes into account a variety of different situations.

Pros of Attending Nursery:
  • Prepares a child for school so that when school begins, there’s not such a big shift to make in addition to the challenges of structured learning.
  • Helps children learn more social skills
  • A good option for childcare with many offering wrap-around care.
  • Children who are especially keen on learning will experience a wide variety of learning opportunities.
  • Fun – nursery is a lot of fun, new friends, special events and memories to be made.
  • Community based outings such as those provided by St Hilda’s, a prep school in Hertfordshire.

Cons of Attending Nursery:
  • Associated costs
  • Shyer children may feel overwhelmed
  • Worry of missing out on your child’s ‘firsts’

If you still can’t decide:
If you’re stuck and can’t make a decision regarding nursery and if it's right for your child, it’s a good idea to explore the opportunities on offer. Make visits to as many local nurseries as possible to see the sorts of amenities on offer and to see children ‘in action’. Bring your child with you so that you can gauge their reaction to the environment.

Explore other childcare options such as nannies or childminders. Set up interviews and visit some of these so that you can easily compare nursery to the more tailored services provided by a nanny or childminder.

Remember that you don’t have to stick with it. If you decide that nursery isn’t working out for your child, you are free to withdraw them at any time. Be aware that notice is usually required so if you want to remove your child quickly, you will still be liable for fees up to a certain point.

Another useful tip is to speak to other parents. Either via online communities or in your own social circle. Ask them about their experiences and whether they have any advice to offer. You might find out some very useful tips before you make your big decision!

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