Thursday 6 August 2020

WIN a BetterYou Magnesium Bundle

A good night’s slumber is essential to a healthy existence; protecting us physically and mentally as well as boosting our general quality of life. Yet with our ever-increasing use of sleep-inhibiting blue light technology, blurred boundaries surrounding work, home life, the current situation and diets often lacking vital nutrients, it’s no surprise that one in three people in the UK is affected by insomnia.

Founded in 2006, BetterYou is a supplements company who produce effective alternatives to taking tablets, with vitamin oral sprays and transdermal magnesium. Transdermal (through the skin) magnesium is applied directly to the skin with absorption beginning immediately, completely bypassing the digestive system.

Magnesium is a crucial mineral for both athletic performance, as well as overall health, however, an estimated 70% off adults are thought to be magnesium deficient. It is well known that poor sleep can have a dramatic effect on our health, but many people are unaware that a deficiency in magnesium can be one of the main factors directly affecting the quality of sleep we can achieve.

The body needs magnesium to maintain a state of complete rest, and low levels of magnesium can lead to restless muscles that can keep you awake at night. What’s more, our need for magnesium has never been so great - over-farming, modern diets and pressured lifestyles have resulted in drastically-declining magnesium intake, with around 70% of us affected by low levels and requiring supplements to maintain a healthy, balanced body.

At BetterYou, they are well aware that many people struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with sleep, and have partnered up with me to give one lucky reader/visitor of Unique Young Mum the chance to try out a few products from their magnesium range.

One lucky winner will receive the following three BetterYou magnesium items worth £28.85! You can enter the competition via the Rafflecopter widget below!

1 x 135ml Magnesium Sleep Lotion Junior - £8.95
1 x 1KG Magnesium Flakes - £9.95
1 x 180ml Magnesium Sleep Lotion - £9.95

To find out more about BetterYou you can visit their website here

Good luck everyone and don't forget to check out the competition page for all other live competitions!

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