Saturday 1 August 2020

(AD) Top Tips for Helping your Kids with Maths

Maths – whether your child loves it or hates it, it has got to be tackled! Helping your child approach maths from a creative and fun perspective can be a great way to ensure that their confidence in the subject goes from strength to strength.

Learning maths differently

Starting with younger children:
When your child is younger, it’s a good idea to introduce mathematic problems early on. The key is not to present them as a tricky or difficult thing. Fun maths can be hugely rewarding for even the smallest child. Some ideas for introducing maths to pre-schoolers are as follows:

Counting rhymes:
Rhymes and songs which incorporate counting can be a good way to help your child become confident with numbers. Here are some good options:

One-two buckle my shoe
Five green speckled frogs
Five little monkeys
One potato, two potato
Ten green bottles

Also, remember that incorporating counting into your child’s daily life can help to cement the numbers in their minds. Counting steps as you ascend or descend, counting buttons as they’re done up and counting the coins in shops as you pay are all good activities for small children to enjoy.

For older children:
Learning about more complex number rules needn’t be stressful. Cooking and baking with kids are fun activities which allow children to learn about measuring and weighing. Another fun activity is to measure heights. Help your child to learn addition and subtraction via real activities such as shopping or doing housework. 

For secondary aged children:
If your older child struggles with maths, using online games can be a great way to make things more fun. There are many available which utilise great graphics and rewards systems which can really hold a child’s attention.

Practical lessons can still have a big impact on older children. Dixie Grammar, a junior school in Leicestershire, believes in the implementation of practical lessons for children of all ages. There’s nothing wrong with getting your child some extra support in the form of a maths tutor either. A maths tutor can take more time to explain things clearly and removing the pressure of learning in a busy or crowded classroom is a good idea for some children.

The most important aspect of maths for many children is confidence and concentration. A child who understands how to concentrate and apply themselves will excel.

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