Friday 14 August 2020

WIN a Children's Book Bundle From Quarto

At Quarto, they create a wide variety of books and products - with a mission to inspire life's experiences. Produced in many formats for adults, children and the whole family, their products are visually appealing, information-rich and stimulating. Quarto encompasses a diverse portfolio of imprints. Subjects range from Art 'How-To', Graphic Design, and Home Improvement, to Cooking, Gardening, Motoring, and Crafts as well as books and stories for children.

*Quarto has provided the prizes for this giveaway, I have not received any form of gifted or financial incentive from them to promote this giveaway*

I love reading myself, it's how I got into blogging - reading other people's blogs! I actively encourage reading to Spud too, ''you can never have enough books'' I tell him - that is until his bookcase is full! As we're a home educating family (way before Corona!) we use books as a huge part of our learning, and Quarto does a great range of children's books which one lucky reader/visitor will soon be discovering themselves! Quarto have very kindly put together a bundle of three books (more info on those below) for one lucky person to win in the competition found at the bottom of this post!

The three books up for grabs:

1: The B on Your Thumb - £9.99

The B on Your Thumb is a book of 60 hilariously illustrated rhymes and delightful ditties to boost early reading—each poem teaches a specific sound, spelling, or rule. Using rhythm and wordplay, they promote phonics awareness, thinking skills, and literacy. But most of all, this book delights young readers with the fun and silliness of the English language.

This is a book where words like to play,
where letters get cross when they don’t get their way.
There are sounds to make and jokes to uncover.
An owl in your bowl, for you to discover.
Meet the K on your knee, who’s ready for fun,
and don’t be alarmed by the B on your thumb!

2: Our Wonderful World - £20

Our Wonderful World is an essential addition to the bookshelf of any travel-lover, map-maestro or geography genius. Spanning the world from Spain to Singapore, Colombia to Canada, Turkey to Tanzania, discover all you need to know about some of the most awesome places on Earth.

Geography, history and culture spill from the pages in this luxuriously illustrated treasure-trove of travel knowledge. Each two-page spread is dedicated to a different country, providing both quick-fire facts and the chance to delve deeper into what makes every nation unique.

3: The Secret Life of Trees - £12.99

Did you know that trees can talk to each other? Or that the oldest living thing is a tree? Let the ancient and mysterious Oakheart, the oldest and wisest tree in the forest, lead you through this beautiful guide to trees. Learn all about how they grow and survive, the many different types, why they are so important to humans, and tree folklore from around the world. Oakheart knows all the trees’ secrets, and he’s going to share them with you!

This collection of delightful stories and engaging facts will impart a love of nature, and inspire you to look after the world around you. Whimsical and detailed illustrations have pride of place in magical tales that mix natural history with a splash of fantasy, creating a book that you will pore over time and again.


To be in with the chance of winning the three books mentioned above - worth £42.98, enter the competition via the Rafflecopter below.

To find out more about Quarto and to view their full product range, visit their website here.

Good luck everyone and don't forget to check out the competition page for all other live competitions! 

Jada x


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