Tuesday 30 July 2013

Sky Force DVD Review

Everyone needs a new DVD now and again in their lives don't they!? Even the children like Spud who have over 200 DVD's, somehow they can always make the time and space for a new one, and when we was offered the chance to review a new DVD out on the market called Sky Force, as soon as I said to Spud would you like a new animated plane DVD to review, he asked no questions before very quickly replying with a very loud YES! Signature Entertainment have very kindly put aside 3 copies of Sky Force on DVD for 3 of my lucky readers/visitors to win! Read on for your chance of owning your very own copy.

Sky Force is a animated children and family film based on flying, talking planes, it's directed by Tony Tang. No humans are in the movie, just planes and robots (I'm pretty sure they're robots!). The film concentrates on Ace who is a member of a team called Sky Force. Sky Force are a team of planes who help other's in need, the plane version of emergency services, the film starts out with a plane trapped in a lock up with a fire surrounding him, Sky Force are called to help save the scared plane.

Ace ignores his captains demands to not go ahead with a rescue mission which the Captain deems to dangerous, whilst Ace attempts to rescue his friend, Captain follows Ace to try and help in the rescue, only sadly Captain doesn't make it out alive and sadly passes away, plane style of course. Ace is taken to the plane hospital and decides to leave Sky Force for a dreary job in cargo hauling.

Ace soon realises cargo hauling is not the right job for him and his robot Fred, Ace is planning on going to find his cargo hauling boss to tell him he is leaving the job, only Ace roams out in the worse snow storm in over 70 years, what's worse is the season is meant to be summer! Ace finds his cargo boss and ask where his colleagues are, only to be told by his horrid boss they are working, in the snow blizzard!

Ace quickly learns his friends are in danger and tries to rescue them in the midst of the snow storm with Fred, only there is too much to do and so many planes and robots to rescue. Luckily Sky Force turn up to help save the day, with Sky Force, Fred and Ace all working together, they are able to release the locked up cold and on the brink planes and robots and guide them to safety. Ace now knows he should of listened to Captain at Sky Force, he knows he has learned valuable lessons and rejoins Sky Force where he soon becomes captain, a happy ending after all.

Sky Force is rated PG and it's running time is 91 minutes long. I did find myself distracted a few times, Spud really enjoyed the film and has watched it at least three times since we received it. Sky Force wouldn't be my first choice of a children's filmed purely because of the time, trying to keep a younger child quiet and still for 91 minutes maybe a little difficult. 

Sky Force is available to pre-order now for release on August 5th from Amazon, Sainsburys and Zavvi.

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To be in with your chance of winning 1 of 3 copies of Sky Force on DVD check out the competition here.

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