Thursday 11 July 2013

Cut The Rope Talking Om Nom Review

When the lovely team over at Vivid got in touch asking if Spud would like to review a talking Om Nom suitable for ages 4+ from their Cut the Rope range, I could not resist, after all, every time Spud has the chance to get his hands on my brother's phone, he is found playing Cut the Rope.

Cut the Rope is a downloadable puzzle game that was released in 2010, since then a sequel has been released with Cut the Rope: Experiments  released in 2011 and Cut the Rope: Time Travel released this year (2013), its compatible platforms are for Android, iPhone and the iPad with plans for the Blackberry 10 underway. The original Cut the Rope game has been downloaded more than 100,000,000 (100 million) times. The object of the game is to cut the rope and feed Om Nom (the green monster) candy whilst collecting stars on your way.

When Spud's taking Om Nom arrived in the box via the courier, I dreaded it, I thought it was going to be another massive plush toy that would require a new toy box to fit in it, but thankfully, the talking Om Nom was just in a large box and was actually a nice, child friendly sized. One of the first things I suss out as a parent is the colour/s, children can be fascinated by colours and drawn into a product if the colours are right. The talking Om Now plush, is just like the Om Nom's in the game, as though we had entered a secret magical portal through my brother's phone, stole a Om Nom and returned, via the secret magical portal of course back to my living room. The Om Nom, is i'd say 90% bright green, not a luminous eyes killing green, but a nice bright green. with white and black colouring for the face.

Another thing with being a over-paranoid parent (as other's say) with sound enabled toys is the level of volume decibels. I know children have very delicate ears and should if possible avoid loud volumes, of course this is hard when Mummy's favourite song comes on the radio and the volume gets turned up a notch or two, but this is not often, I have a unique taste in music you see ;-). I know when a toy is new or popular with Spud, the toy is going to be played with frequently, so as the over-paranoid parent does (me) I 'played' with the talking Om Nom for a few moments, listening to the sounds it made and the volume of which it does so, approved my over-paranoid parent rating and gave it to Spud to play with, knowing his little delicate ears would be fine even if frequent play would occur.

The talking Om Nom requires a squeeze to hear his sounds, which are munching, chomping, eating noises like Mmm and ahhh. Spud finds his talking Om Nom incredibly funny and plays with his Om Nom at least once a day, whilst doing so, your guaranteed to hear him laughing and giggling away at the sounds. he then places it back onto his bed where they cuddle up together for bedtime. 

My only fault with the talking Om Nom is that it requires 2 x LR41 batteries which are non-replaceable, so if your child gets really addictive to the talking Om Nom, it could turn out an expensive job, which of course would not be the case if we could replace the batteries ourselves.

Cut the Rope - talking Om Nom is available to buy for a suggested RRP of £9.99 from The Entertainer, Argos,, Amazon, Smyths Toys and many more retailers.

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