Sunday 7 July 2013

My View On Katie Snobby Hopkins

So Katie snobby Hopkins, I was a teenage mother, I don't class myself as one now, as I am not a teenager anymore, I do however class myself as a young mother. You Katie Hopkins, have gone on from judging children (how heartless) to now judging teenage mothers and 'obese' people, you're really sad woman aren't you Katie!?

You Katie implied that I 'hang about in town centre's', something I've never done with my child and something I never would, we go to town for items we need, to do shopping, buy books, toys and clothes... You also implied Katie that I rely on the state to play daddy and pay for my child. Well actually Katie, your wrong, very wrong, I don't live off the state and my child has his daddy!

You also said Katie, teenage mothers produce non stop babies, my womb has carried one child, one egg has been hatched and born, he's called Leo, what do you have to say about that Katie? I do not live in a large house, I do not own my own property and I certainly do not think I am better then anyone else. I've been late to school a few times, I shop in Primark and I watch television, I suppose to you I would not be liked, but my son is not called Tyler, you didn't put Leo on your list of names you dislike, so what's your opinion now?

Well done Katie, judging children by the way, how very big and powerful of you, have you tried picking on someone your own age? You said on This Morning you do not like geographical names, but then I heard one of your daughters is called India, correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't come from a snobby family, but I learned (yes I went to school and college, I did plan on university but then another opportunity opened in my life) that India is a country, is that not geographical? You silly fool!

I read in the paper, I don't know why I did, I should of seen your name and not read a single line, not giving you another second of my time, but I thought maybe you'd apologise, no such thing. Maybe you're so snobby you don't know what apologise means, that's sorry to me and other normal human beings. Anyway, I read in the paper that you think fat/obese people are lazy and smoke cigarettes, drink beer and have SKY subscriptions, are you really that stupid?

Do you not think about the people out there who are big for medical reasons? The cancer sufferers, quite plump and large because of the mass amount of steroids they are on, same goes with the Asthma sufferers, but to you they are just obese fag puffing, beer drinking, telly bums. I'm on the larger side Katie, I do not live off benefits, I do not drink beer, nor do I have SKY subscriptions.

You're one arrogant person, although I feel the need to hate you, I actually feel sorry for you. You're a horrid bully, picking on innocent children, who is turning your own children into horrid people, you're allowing them to judge people by their names, because you, their mother does, how stupidly pathetic of you. You're horribly judgemental and there is absolutely no need for that in today's society.

I could go on about you and your stupid digs, why on earth the Sun newspaper allows you to write for them is beyond me, the editor needs to open their eyes and get rid of you - the adult who bullies children. I hope there was no Tyler's, Charmaine's, Nevaeh's, Jaydon's, Chardonnay's or Kyle's watching that program when you judged them all. I really do hope no child with the names that are on your hate list ever knows about you and your evil and unwanted rants and opinions. 

I have a friend called Charmaine, who got good grades at school, who attended college, got a job and worked her way up. I have a friend with a baby called Chardonnay, my friend is never late to the school, her children are dressed beautifully every day, she is not obese, she does not walk around with Primark bags, so where on earth did you get your pathetic idea's from?

You know thinking about it, them names that you dislike are quite urban, I'm now starting to think you may be a under cover racist. Whatever you are, you have lost a lot of respect, and as for people agreeing with you, they must of had the same snobbish horrid upbringing you have had. I was brought up blind, and in this case deaf. I do not judge no one by their looks nor their skin colour, where they are from, or their names - unless it's Katie Hopkins!

Just one last thing Katie, I don't like the name Poppy. However I would never tell my child not to play with someone who is called Poppy because I don't like the name. How utterly pathetic that would be of me, and never would I ever scoop down to someone as inhuman as you. If there was a petition to rip your womb out, I'd sign it and stand on the streets getting more signatures for it.

A evil person like you should not be able to have children, they're bullied because of you, and will most probably grow up to be bullies just like you. I'd even go as far to sign a petition to get you locked away forever, away from the television and the internet, why channel 5, ITV and Twitter allow you, I have no idea, you drop ratings quicker than you can clap your hands!

The once teenage mother - the young mother, the mother bringing up her child better than you bring up yours. The one who doesn't ruin families, who doesn't have sexual intercourse in a field with a marry man, and who doesn't think she's Gods gift!


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