Considering me and Spud have seen the Monsters University film twice at the cinema and have a plan to watch it for the 3rd time, I think its safe to say we are big MU fans! Spud has received a big stash of toys from Spin Master that we will be reviewing, and have reviewed some already (check out the reviews page for all our reviews) we was delighted when we was offered the chance to review the Monsters University Soundtrack!

We are not just Monsters University fans, we are huge Disney fans. We love everything Disney and was very welcoming of the soundtrack being played through our laptop speakers! The album was very different from what we was expecting, very different indeed and I am afraid to say but its just something that me and Spud did not enjoy listening too.

The album has 20 tracks, but only one track, number 13 my worse number ever actually has singers involved, although I wouldn't class myself or Spud as singer superstars, I for one cant sing for the love of money, we both enjoy having a good sing along. Sadly we could not do this with this album, as its all just musical tracks.

The Tracklist:

1.  Randy Newman - Main Title
 2.  Randy Newman - Young Michael
 3.  Randy Newman - First Day at MU
 4.  Randy Newman - Dean Hardscrabble
 5.  Randy Newman - Sulley
 6.  Randy Newman - Scare Pig
 7.  Randy Newman - Wasted Potential
 8.  Randy Newman - Oozma Kappa
 9.  Randy Newman - Stinging Glow Urchin
 10.  Randy Newman - Field Trip
 11.  Randy Newman - Rise and Shine
 12.  Randy Newman - The Library
 13.  Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso - Roar
 14.  Randy Newman - The Scare Games
 15.  Randy Newman - Did You Do This?
 16.  Randy Newman - Human World
 17.  Randy Newman - The Big Scare
 18.  Randy Newman - Goodbyes
 19.  Randy Newman - Mike and Sulley
 20.  Randy Newman - Monsters University

Unfortunately the soundtrack is also only available to download digitally, so any fans looking to get their hands on the soundtrack can only download the soundtrack.

Sadly this set doesn't score well with me and Spud, but if this is something you may enjoy, you can download the soundtrack digitally for £8.99 from iTunes.

The Monsters University film is out now at cinema's nationwide! It's a highly amusing and entertaining film suitable for all Disney fans! Check out my review of the film here.

Until next time,
Jada x

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