Wednesday 31 July 2013 Home Improvement Hero Challenge

Being a single mum to Spud, means what ever little money I have left over from all the bills is spent on him, sometimes if I have a little more than usual, I try to save it, but then something pops up and I never get around to doing what I wanted to do with the spare dosh. People who know me will know I'm a real girly girl, I like painting my nails and straightening my hair, that was of course until I entered the Home Improvement Hero Challenge competition from Until I entered this competition, you would not of seen me pick up a paint brush in my life for the purpose of my property, I simply can't hack it, I done construction at college, and now I know why the boys took over the painting job! 

My bathroom before, plain and dull!
For this challenge, I decided to revamp my bathroom, being a single parent can be challenging, very rewarding but it does have its moments where we wish for a few moments alone. One of the places I love is my bathroom, I love lighting some candles, running a hot bath and relaxing, albeit just for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, I love my bathtimes. Once Spud is in bed, I have a quick tidy up, maybe I'll catch up on a soap I've missed then I'll run a bath, bathtimes for me is my only adult time I get, for me this is something every parent needs, as my time is spent in the bath, I knew the bathroom was the only place I wanted to touch.

Just the wall was decorated, and a old cabinet in place.
Before the Home Improvement Hero Challenge, my bathroom was dull, bright yellow walls (what was I thinking) and a old cabinet I loathed! If it wasn't for the bright products like the shampoo and bubble bath that surrounded by bath tub sides, I'm sure my peaceful candle lit baths wouldn't of happened.

After its first coat of blue paint. gave me £50 towards a home improvement, £50 to do one room made me worried I wouldn't be able to do it. I went straight to the local charity shop to look for bathroom related products, I was delighted to pick up a white cabinet for £5, it has a tiny small crack/split on the edge of it, but otherwise its perfect. I then went to the range and and spent £44.89 on eleven items, I purchased the following;

* - White toilet roll holder to match my cabinet - £6.99

* - Bathroom wall plaque - £4.99

* - Fishermans Canvas - £5.99

* - 3 x Seaside Canvases - £5.99

* - WC fish sign - £2.99

* - Toilet brush and pot - £3.99

* - x2 Starfish tea-light lanterns £2.99 each (£5.98 for two).

* - Blue and white striped starfish soap dispenser - £1

* - Seagull on stand - £2.99


* - Beach letters on rope - £3.99

I had blue paint leftover from decorating Spud's room but I didn't want two rooms in our home the same colour, so using some left over white paint I had leftover from my room, my lovely brother made a beautiful lighter blue for me. My little brother also very kindly offered to decorate for me, he cut in and done the first coat, and then I done the second coat the next day.

My bathroom after the challenge.
When I first heard about the challenge, I really didn't think I could get any room done for £50, let alone my most favourite room. Now when I have a bath, its so much more relaxing, my long time subscribers will know, my mum moved away to the coast in March, I miss her terribly, with the blue/white/seaside theme I now feel a little closer to her and my little sister.

I compromised on the blue I really wanted as I knew this would take me over budget, having paint left over can save you a small fortune. If you fancy a new colour and have no money but lots of paint, use an old tub/pot/bowl or even a tin and mix a small amount of colour together, when your happy and know the correct ammount to use, you can create a new colour just like I did with the dark blue paint left over from Spud's room and the white paint left over from my room.

Don't be afraid to ask for help, I couldn't afford a painter and decorator and knew I'd only mess up what little stock I had left, I roped in the help of my brother on the cutting in and first coat, and then done the second coat myself a day later.

Accessories really can make a huge difference to a room, before this makeover my bathroom had four walls with only one wall having anything on it, a old bathroom cabinet. Now I have four walls with different items on.

Don't be afraid to check out charity shops or second hand sites, as long as you have some disinfectant around, a little clean won't hurt and your be surprised at what you can pick up for bargain prices! Just like I did with my bathroom cabinet, ok it may have a little split but its not that big and I'm sure a bit of white gloss could cover it.

There we have it, my Home Improvement Hero Challenge competition entry, all done for under £50 and some free labour from my brother! Total cost to revamp: £49.89 - 11p under budget!

Thanks, I love my new bathroom, and I love my free alone adult time even better!

Jade x