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Disney Pixar Monsters University Film Review

A quick search of Disney in the search bar located on the left hand side of this blog will bring up a few or more pages of results, the reason me and Spud are huge Disney fans. It all started when Spud caught a glimpse of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when he was a baby, and he was fascinated. Ever since the love and bond with Spud and Disney has just grown and grown, we collect the movies, have a whole home full to the brim of Disney items and friends, family and guest call our home the Reading Disney Land.
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Monsters University was released 10 days ago (12th of July) at cinema's nationwide, being the huge Disney fans we are, we anticipated to go and watch the movie on its release date, instead we (more so Spud) held off very patiently until today, the 22nd of July 2012, the day of my favourite cousin's birthday and also Spud's Godmother - Karla. We have been home from the cinema for an hour, fifteen minutes later after first settling down on the sofa, I heard the announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and the Duke of Cambridge William have had their their first born child, a baby boy, 3rd to the throne, a future King was born, triple celebrations all around! 

A young Mike.
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So yeah, back to the film wahoo, this review may be a little biased, as there has only been about 2 Disney films I am not fans of, with that being said, I would watch them again, its the Disney blood in me. The film starts off with a very young and cute Mike Wazowski complete with braces on a school trip to Monsters Inc (the first film, if you have not already, watch it!), taunted by other children of his age who put Mike down for not being scary enough to be a scare monster, Mike vows to go to Monsters University on the advice of a scare monster working at Monster's Inc who gives Mike his MU cap, a cap Mike treasure's for a lifetime.

Mike at Monsters Inc with his cap.
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The film then quite quickly moves on to what we've all been waiting for, the university days. I should of already mentioned, Monsters University, is the second film released from Disney Pixar in regards to these bunch of monsters, the first film called Monster's Inc show's you Mike and Sulley's (if your not familiar read on to find out who he is) working life at Monster's Inc, I can't choose a favourite Disney Pixar film instead I have my top 3, Monsters Inc is in that top 3. So with Monster's University, we find ourselves going back in time, to Mike's school days, and then onto the new film, the university days.

Mike arriving at university.
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Mike is most probably the shortest and smallest monster on campus, he is quickly registered and finds his room where he will be staying during his uni days, his room mate is only Randy (from Monsters Inc) who believe it or not is actually quite nice! Classes soon start and the students are told in the School of Scaring to become a scare monster (enabling them to apply for a job at Monsters Inc) they would have to pass a test in 3 months time, if the test is not passed, the students who fail will be kicked off the scare course.

Archie the scare pig, Mike and Sulley.
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On Mike's first night at campus a scare pig known as Archie (toy review coming soon, watch this space) jumps in his window and gives Mike a fright, Archie and Mike are soon joined by Sulley who also jumps into Mike's window, the pair start arguing and try to get Archie who is running riot in Mike's room. Archie ends up stealing Mike's MU cap and all 3 of them go on a wild chase around campus. Mike saves the day by capturing Archie, and his much belov.ed MU cap but its Sulley who is recognised as the hero by the campus popular boys team ROR. Mike and Sulley soon become strangers, trying to out do each other. 

Dean Hardscrabble.
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A accident happens when the pair start trying to outdo each other in the School of Scaring, both Mike and Sulley are kicked off the scaring program for their behaviour by Dean Hardscrabble (a proud professor, inspiring leader and record holder), Dean tells Sulley she expects more from him because of his family name, on the other hand, she thinks Mike is not scary one bit. 

The Scare Game Council Judges and the back of Mike.
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Mike discovers his way of getting more scary and recognised is to join in with the annual Greek Scare Games, to join, you must have a team of at least 6 members, Mike only has 5 members and pleads and begs with the crowd for 1 more team member, its then that Sulley steps in. Mike gets given another chance of getting into the School of Scaring on the Scaring program by making a deal with Dean Hardscrabble, if his team shall win, they can all get a place on the Scaring program, if they lose, they are back at square one.

Team OK;
Back: Terri & Terry Perry (two heads one body), Sulley and Don Carlton (golden oldie).
Front: Art (purple creature of mystery), Squishy (five eye chunk) and Mike.
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Mike's team Oozma Kappa aka OK (bar Mike and Sulley) is a society for monsters who have failed to impress and has been cut from the scaring program. Sulley soon realises the team are useless but sticks by his team for the slim chance of getting back on the scare program. Mike is the brains behind the team and gets them to the top two by participating and coming in at a successful rate with each game. Dean Hardscrabble wishes Sulley the best of luck the night before, but warns him Mike will let the team down as he is not scary enough to scare, the scare dummy.

Sulley and Mike
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Each 6 team members from both sides go up together 1 by 1, Mike is up last and has to beat the 6th ROR (the other remaining team) member by scaring a dummy child. Mike wins the task and to everyones surprise, team OK have won, giving Mike, Sulley, Art, Squishy, Terri and Terry (one body, two heads) and Don Carlton all a chance of doing the scare program again. Shortly after team OK are crowned winners, Mike finds out Sulley fixed the dummy so the dummy would scream loud at anything, meaning if Mike would of done his 'scare' tactic without the dummy being fixed, he would not of won.

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Mike and Sulley argue, with the rest of team OK being disappointed with Sulley's actions, Mike storms off and break's into the Door Tech Lab (where the human door's are made) and makes his way into a door to try and prove Sulley wrong that he is in fact scary after all. Mike's plan goes horribly wrong when the child he tries to scare doesn't find him scary, then from no where lots of other children appear. Mike has entered a cabin full of bunk beds, and full of children who are not scared of him. Sulley feels bad and admits to Dean Hardscrabble what he has done, she kicks Sulley off the campus and wants him gone by the morning, only when talking, they hear the alarm notifying them someone has broken into a door, and Sulley automatically knows its Mike.

Sulley and Mike in the cabin.
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Racing to the scene, Sulley enters the door and is worried to find no Mike, no chilren but lots of empty beds in a empty cabin. Peeping out of the window Sulley see's a army of humans including lots of police, he jumps out of the window to try and find Mike. Sulley is spotted by a police officer and they all shout bear, he runs through the forest to find Mike upset and down admitting to Sulley he was right, he (Mike) is not scary. The police catch up with them so Mike and Sulley make a run back to the door to get back into MU (Monsters University) only to discover, the door is now a closet, Dean Hardscrabble has closed the door off until the monster authorities get on scene.

Mike the brains out of him and Sulley.
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Mike and Sulley panic when the crowd of humans with flash lights make their way back into the cabin, Mike, the brains of the two, informs Sulley if they create enough screams from the inside, they can make the door open from the outside. Sulley doubts his scare tactics and is convinced he can't scare a bunch of adults, on Mike's advice, and a little bit of fun for them and a scary hunt for the humans, Mike's plan works when Sulley finally jumps down and make's the human's so scared, he fills all the canisters in the Door Tech Lab.

Mike and Sulley.
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Mike and Sulley are kicked off campus for good after saying goodbye to their team OK members, leaving on a happy note after hearing Dean Hardscrabble has kept her side of the word for the other 4 remaining members of team OK, agreeing they can return to the scare program. Mike and Sulley become the best of friends and find another way of getting into Monsters Inc by applying as post room monsters, they make their way up to janitors and canteen staff until they finally become a scare team. With Mike, the brains of the two being Sulley's manager, and Sulley scaring the children. 

If you've not seen either film, watch Monster's University first, even though its the most recent film, its the days before Monsters Inc, so would make more sense, although if you've seen Monsters Inc, Monster's University would still make sense. I give the film 10/10 and I think Spud would too, I would ask him, but he's fast asleep dreaming about some pretty friendly monsters I believe.

I have lots of fabulous scary Monster's University stuff I will be reviewing over the next week or so, keep your eyes peeled, they are fab for any Disney/Monster's fans! 

Monsters University is rated with a certificate U and lasted for 1 hour 50 minutes. I paid £6.20 for Spud and £9.10 for myself totaling £15.30 for both of our tickets, this was at Showcase Cinemas.

Have you seen the film? I'd love to know what you thought of it!

Jada xx


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