Spud's Lego Dream Home Creation!

Spud was invited to take part in a Lego challenge/competition hosted by Ocean Finance for a child to create their dream home. What I expected from this challenge to be honest was just another blog post, another box of Lego for Spud to add to his collection, but what I didn't expect was me taken back by shock and amazement, along with the rest of the family!

I admit, I've never took much notice to Spud's Lego designs, however, after losing my son to this competition for the last three weeks, I have now realised without being biased how good he is at Lego and how much he loves the stuff - which of course I already knew as he has five big boxes of it!

What I didn't expect to see was so many thoughts to go into this, so many details, so many hours - it's took me five hours alone to write this post and edit photo's, let alone the countless hours Spud has spent on this.

Spud painstakingly broke up loads of Lego sets, totalling over hundreds if not a few thousand pounds! Spud doesn't even like me hoovering near them, and won't let anyone touch them in fear of them getting broken, so I was quite surprised when he started destroying sets to make his #OceanDreamHome.

When I asked Spud what inspired him to build his home, his answer was us, my family. We lived in a flat for so many years, all Spud ever dreamed of was having a house, or at least a garden to play in, and a chimney for Santa so he could leave presents for Spud.

Spud is nine, still at the believing age, and so I thought it was lovely that he's included all his dreams in one product!

I hope you enjoy his design as much as I do, I'm one extremely proud mummy who has pledged silently to herself to take more notice in his creations! I may have a future Lego designer in the making here!

We would love to see some comments as Spud has worked extremely hard on this! I will be publishing comments, and monitoring of course before showing them to Spud!


P.S - Spud really wanted to include a mini-figure that he could pretend was himself, but sadly couldn't find one with the same colour skin as him so he decided to leave that out, and just feature Jezeppi and Santa!

Spud designed his dream home using just his dreams for when he's older! He wants a bungalow so he doesn't have to go up and down the stairs and chase Jezeppi! He would love a garden with two chairs and a table for his favourite food - pizza! Spud would also really love a chimney when he's older so Santa can easily reach him to leave him presents! Jezeppi - Spud's puppy dog will also live in Spud's dream home, but there's no mention of mummy!

To me, it comes as no surprise that Spud used one of his Lego dogs (and bones!) to include his real life dog Jezeppi into his dream home. Spud always wanted a dog, and was ecstatic when he got one this year for his 9th birthday, their bond is unbreakable!

Key Features - Part One:

Steps to diving board.
Rear view of steps to diving board.
Swimming pool.

Key Features - Part Two:

Patterned brick wall. 
Arched gated walkway.

Key Features - Part Three:

Decking area.
x2 garden chairs.
Pool refill tap.
Swimming pool ball.
Diving board.
Water filter tap.

Key Features:

Flatscreen TV.
Coffee table.
Inside coffee table: playing cards, Lego newspaper and Pizza takeaway leaflet! 
Fruit bowl including an apple, banana and grapes!
Lounge window - seen to the left of the tv!
Access to locked bedroom.
Open plan with kitchen.

Key Features:

Dishwasher with opening door.
Cupboard with opening door.
Swivelling chair.
Oven with opening door, timer, flame and pans.
Fridge Freezer with opening door.
Ice cream (inside freezer!)
Sink with hot and cold taps and draining board.

Key Features:

x2 lamps/bedside tables.
Lego duvet set.
Chest with money!
Chest of drawers.
x2 Trophies.
Open/Close shutter windows.
Bedroom wall.
Teddy bear.

Key Features:

Toilet roll.
Toilet roll holder that actually spins!
Toilet using a Lego Mermaid Sea Shell!
Toilet water.
Separate bath and shower tap/s.
Sink with taps using the bonnet of a car!
Hot and cold water taps.
Full enclosed room for privacy.

At one point, I thought there was going to be tears from Spud when it come to the roof and Spud couldn't find his other base plate. I had to tell Spud to give the design a rest that day as he was getting too upset about it and I'm glad I did! Spud woke up the next morning with a brilliant design that I honestly didn't think would work, next time I'll just believe the 'expert' the first time round!

With no time to purchase a base plate in time, I did start to think oh no, as he had told me all of his plans, but luckily his quick thinking idea of making his own little base plates was amazing, and he now has one of the coolest roofs in town!

Key Features:

x8 individual bases.
Santa Clause/Father Christmas!!!

Why Does Spud Think His Home Is The Best and Why He Should Win?

''Erm I should win because I put my puppy Jezeppi in my house with me and I have ice cream in my freezer and erm my house took all my time so I would love to win to buy more Lego, lots of Lego to make a park for my house and to buy some more base plates because I only have one base plate.''

''And erm Santa is at my chimney because we don't have a chimney because the silly council blocked our chimney and my home when I'm older will have a chimney and then santa can come down the chimney because he doesn't like coming through my window anymore I think, because of my puppy.''

Why Do I Think Spud's Home Is The Best and Why He Should Win!?

I think my childs dream home is the best because of all the thought that has gone into it, but mainly because of two reasons:

1: Santa Clause - a lot of children believe in Santa, and I've been worrying that Spud may already know 'the truth' from his peers at school, however, his design just proves that he still believes.

2: Jezeppi - Myself and Spud lived in a flat for over seven years, he would constantly cry and get upset, asking why other children had a garden but he didn't? One day Spud then said because I can't have a garden, can I have a puppy!? I then had to break it to him that a puppy also wasn't possible due to our tenancy. Every Christmas Spud would write to santa and without doubt, the first two items on his list would be a garden and a puppy!

In November last year, we miraculously got moved from our flat into a house making one of Spud's dreams come true, then in March this year, for Spud's 9th birthday, Jezeppi entered our family and their bond is unbreakable.

To see how much Spud notices things is amazing, although he never uses the bin and instead leaves rubbish around, and I don't have my broom on my kitchen wall, it's made me realise just how much my once little baby boy has actually grown up!

Please don't forget to leave a comment if you can, Spud is looking forward to reading any that may be left! He's so excited over this whole thing!



  1. Oh my Goodness what a little star he is! The detail he has put into this is fantastic! I also love the fact that despite having the brief to model his dream home he has been so modest, I'm sure most Boys his age would have had at least a Bat Cave in there! Great work Spud you definitely deserve to win xx

  2. Wow Jade. You weren't kidding, he has great imagination! I would love to live in his dream home!

  3. Superb building he's a bright boy with a brilliant future

  4. Wowza! This looks fabulous :)
    Spud has really paid attention to details - I love the Lego duvet and toilet!
    His garden is amazing, I'd quite like one like that myself xx

  5. Spud should be so proud I am glad to have seen a lot of the hard work he has put into this competition. So much detail in every room, very well done and best of luck you deserve this Spud !!

    Gareth :)

  6. Wow what an amazing imagination and huge creativity Spud has!!! You can see how many hours he has poured into this and the detail is crazy!!! I personally think Spud should win and have everything crossed! What a creation!!

  7. what an amazing design spud, you should be so proud of yourself and all the effort you have put in to your design you really have thought of everything. so glad to see father Christmas has a way in and out :) well done spud and good luck xx jackie xx

  8. what an amazing design spud, you should be so proud of yourself and all the hard work you have put in to your design. I'm so glad father Christmas has a way in and out :) well done spud and good luck xx jackie xx

  9. Wow, what an amazing house!! Love all the details and that swimming pool is just perfect, I could dive into that this afternoon! Just amazing, well done Spud!!

  10. Spud this is absolutely amazing, your such a clever and talented little boy. I love how you have put detail into every room. When your old enough to decorate houses I know who I'm coming too for some DIY.. Keep being talented and keep up the good work love auntie lauren x

  11. Oh my word! I am so so so impressed! He has worked so very hard and I love the attention to detail that he has put in. You can really see how much time and effort he has put into it and it look like he's really enjoyed himself.

    Wish you all the best in the competition! :)

  12. Spud could you build me a house! This is fantastic and so creative x well done!!!

  13. Aww, Spud's house is amazing! I would so love to live there. Good luck with the competition guys. I really hope you win :D

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  14. This is brilliant! So creative, and so much time and effort has been put it in from spud! Really so good. I think i should maybe buy some for my sons 3rd birthday now, i want to try and build a house, although i doubt i could get anywhere near spuds standards ☺ xx

  15. Wow what an amazing house! Spud you should be very proud of yourself. You have put in so much effort! You must be one proud mummy. Fingers crossed for you xx

  16. OMG Jada what a clever little man you have right there. I love all the delicate details Spud has put into his dream home. My favourites are Jezeppi.. the pizza at the table.. the lego duvet.. the bath and the fridge but i do absolutely love it all! My little man is 6 and makes houses but never puts anything in the houses as he doesnt have enough lego (just 1 big box)!

    Spud definately has a creative side like you Jada xxx

  17. Wow, it's so detailed. What a great job. I can see a career as an architect on the horizon :-)

  18. Wow, look at all that lego!! That would give me a heart attack being all over the living room haha. Well done Spud, it looks amazing!! xx

  19. Wow, Spud has quite the Lego collection, I'm seriously in awe! :) His dream house design is amazing, so detailed, love that he included a swimming pool in the garden too!

  20. Wow!!!! Well done spud!!! That is fantastic. Future Lego architect on your hands there Jada! That has really blown me away. The level of detail is unreal. Whether he wins or not he's definitely a winner in my eyes because that is fantastic and he should be super proud of what he's achieved. Well done little man :-)) xxx

  21. I am LOVING the fact that there's a Santa in the Chimney!! What a great little lego architect you have there :)

  22. Wow! That is brilliant! He has got so much imagination!! Well done sweetie xx

  23. Such a good vision there spud! I think someone has found his true calling in life, today it's leg but tomorrow who knows it could just be the world! He thought of every detail to be a practical house but with a kids innocent vision. Well done spud you should be very proud xxx

  24. Wow, that's fantastic effort there!! We haven't got any lego in our house but thinking that's going to have to change come Christmas! xxx

  25. Oh my God I have headed over here, having seen pictures on Facebook but they didn't prepare me for this vision of awesomeness. It's like something a 14 year old would create. And the DEDICATION in breaking up other sets so as to have the tools to do so. He could be an architect or any other number of other jobs with these sort of skills. He clearly has an awareness of space/design/aesthetics/engineering and an ability to build what he sees, so he has VISION too. All in a young child. Oh Jada you must be so so so so very proud. This post may me cry 3 times. I've known how much you both wanted a garden, but the whole dog bit and chimney/Santa bit too is the stuff movies are made of. But for you guys to get Gareth too, well you are living the dream. So happy and so deserving of it. Lots and lots of love to you all, you wonderful folk xxx

  26. I'm completely jealous. Such a clever boy, I want to move in

  27. Oh my word, this is amazing! I love the house and all of it's features - the sea shell toilet is one of my favourite things!
    I must say that no house should be complete without a Santa!!
    So much thought, time and effort has gone in to this dream house and it really is fantastic!

  28. What an absolutely amazing creation! Your boy has done a fantastic job. No wonder it took him so long to make, that is some serious Lego building going on there. Good luck with the competition. This is the best entry I've seen yet!

  29. Spud's clearly put a lot of time, thought and effort into this. I love that there's a pool - my son would have put one in too.

  30. Oh my word that is impressive, I absolutely adore it, your photography is fabulous too!

  31. Fabulous lego house, very talented builder there! Your photography is brilliant too!

  32. Fabulously fantastic designing skills! Liking all the fine details that have gone into making this. Lego is such a creative resource for old and young alike. I was watching a T. V show a few weeks ago at the place where they test the Lego , fascinating viewing if you get to see it.

  33. What a truly amazing creation the detail is fantastic, spud may just have stopped me from secretly hoovering up pieces of my little red heads lego set and i also will pay more heed to his creations when he shows them to me. I just love lego as a toy it creates amazing imagination. you possibly know but there is a site called minifigs.me where you can create your own mini fig to the likeness of yourself. x

  34. Just...wow! My nephew is ten and loves his lego and he'll just adore this post when I get to show it to him. My daughter as just started getting into her lego (she's nearly five) and I'm really looking forward to what she'll be able to design.

  35. Very impressive! I love the little lego dog and the pizza! And he even included santa, bless him.Very imaginative little boy you have there!! He has more patience than I do, haha. You have a lovely blog btw. xx

  36. Wow, what an incredible imagination Spud has and a brilliant eye for detail! Good luck with the competition, it is clear to see hours of love have gone into the house!

  37. what a lot of effort hee went to. This shows just how much he appreciates a home after all that time of being in a flat.

  38. I thought my kids were LEGO addicts but your son beats them hands down.I hope he wins, his inspiration for his house alone is fab.We moved to a house last year after living in a flat for 12 years.

  39. I think the toilet is fantastic. It is amazing how he has thought about what he is making and how he can use lego items to make it. Fantastic xx

  40. Love this! What a little legend your Spud is. The attention to detail is amazing, and he's really popped his imagination into making his pieces serve a purpose. Well done Spud!

  41. He's thought of everything! He's clearly a very creative boy. Good luck in the competition

  42. Wow first of all well done Leo your dream home looks amazing . The thought , imagination and time that has gone into this is amazing ! The attention to detail is second to none ! It includes all the small things that I wouldn't have thought of like the take away menu in the table ! Even when resources where low Leo has managed to use his imagination to create the item needed in order to complete his dream home ! A massive thumbs up from me ! And if I was judging this I would defiantly give you top marks and first place ! Well done superstar !!!

  43. What a creative little dude!!!! Well done Spud, I would happily live in that house! ;) Good luck! xx

  44. Wow spud you are such a good creater, I wish I could have a hime like youve built there. such a good idea, I know you love your lego I wonder what else you could build. Such a clever little man xx

  45. Wow spud such a clever creation, I wish I had a house designed like that, I wonder what else you could create as I know you love your leggo xx

  46. I quite fancy living there myself, it has everything I could possibly need, love the pool and of course pizza! He has done an amazing job creating the most perfect Lego house, well done for your efforts! x