Monday 30 January 2017

Easy and Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Home

Do you feel like your home needs a bit of a change and you need some inspiration for things that you can do that won’t cost a fortune? Hiring an interior decorator can be costly, so why not take on a challenge yourself to give your home a new feel? Not only will you save yourself a lot of money, you will also feel a great sense of achievement if you can make some changes yourself.

There are some very quick wins that you can think about from just hanging some new photos on the wall, to recycling and upcycling some old furniture. Lets look at some ideas:

Using Cheap Materials to Build Furniture.
Over the last few years there have been endless videos on Facebook of people using innovative ways to create furniture. Did you see the settee from wooden pallets or the shelving from wooden crates? With some basic materials, you can transform the look of your home. Whether you need to sand down some furniture or apply a new coat of paint, you can get everything you need from places like Real Milk Paint. You can keep costs low; a tin of paint, some brushes and paint strippers cost a whole lot less than buying new furniture and you can have complete creative control over what you produce so it is completely customised to your own taste.

Visit a Charity/Second Hand Shop.
You can pick up some great stuff at charity shops these days. Not only will you be helping to raise money for a great cause, you can also pick up some fantastic bargains. People often leave good quality furniture to charity shops when they downsize and have no room for their furniture in their new place and because they know it is still great quality they want it to go to a good home rather than throw it away. Spend a little time popping into charity shops and you never know what kind of furniture you might find. Even if it needs a bit of work, it is definitely cheaper than buying new.

A few simple accessories or ornaments can make a big difference. You can even pick up some nice mirrors relatively cheaply that will give your room a completely new feel. Buying new cushions and throws for the settee is a quick way of changing your room without buying a new suite and a new rug can make the world of difference or even a small lamp!

Move Furniture Around.
Either in the bedroom or the living area, moving your furniture around can make the room feel completely different. It might sound silly but give it a try and see what you think. You can also feel the benefit of Feng Shui! So why not move your seating and coffee table around and feel the change?

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