Monday 30 January 2017

Love The Little Things About Pregnancy

It doesn't matter how you discover you're pregnant; one rule applies - read on for what that is.

Maybe you found out by looking at a pregnancy test with your partner at your side, both of you filled with excited and anticipation. Perhaps it was at the doctor's office when you asked for it to be thrown into routine blood work on a hunch. Or even the cases where you had no idea, weren't trying and are surprised by the result.

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What unites them?
The sudden, roaring impact of change. In an instant, your life and your future have shifted. Everything will be different now; the plans you make, the way your body feels, perhaps even your outlook on the world. It's all change.

So much about pregnancy is focused on anticipating that change. You find yourself daydreaming, thinking of applauding your child as they thank you during their Nobel Prize speech. Then there are the realities; preparing their room, learning the vast array of new skills parenthood is going to have to teach you. All of your energy is focused on getting to the finish line, with a baby in your arms and a
new life ahead of you.

Pregnancy lasts for nearly ten months - a significant portion of your life. So why try to rush through it? Sure, you have to prepare, but you have also got time to enjoy the experience you're going through. Make thanks for the small joys that pregnancy brings, starting with...

1. No More Monthly Cycle
No more PMS. No more. No ups and downs, weird breakouts of acne around your jawline or cramps you can rely on. It's all gone; you have a reprieve for 40 blessed weeks. While you might be going through a new array of different physical symptoms, at least they're new to you!

(You don't want to go to the extent of getting pregnant for this feeling! Norethisterone can be used to delay your period, just not for months at a time!)

2. You Have A New Perfect Excuse
A friend from university nagging you for a meetup and you don't really want to go? Such a shame you can't because of your morning sickness. Yes, you now are equipped with nearly a year of perfect excuses for getting out of social events and occasions that you don't want to do.

3. Anything Can Be A Craving
You've not lived until you've tried to convince your partner a new necklace is just what your body is telling you you need right now. It's instinct! You can't argue with it! Any strange whim or desire can be explained with a gesture to your expanding stomach.

4. You're Never Alone
Feeling a little down and need someone to talk to? You've got a willing listener growing inside of you. Even if you're just talking aloud for your own sake, studies have shown that the sound of the mother's voice is soothing for the baby - and it could be soothing for you as well.

So while the end point - birth - is the primary focus, it shouldn't be your only focus. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, take the time to enjoy the little things that brings to you.



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