Monday 22 February 2016

The Plans For Spud's Room!

When I first moved out of my father's home around seven years ago, I left with my bed, Spud's cot, his toys, my accessories and our clothes. I was with Spud's father at the time, but due to unforeseen circumstances he was unable to work so we were living off my small earnings each week. We were grateful for our own home - our own space, however we were eating, sitting and sleeping from my bed, as we didn't have any furniture to sit on.

Over time, I slowly started building my home, and now seven years on, if I could go back, I would. I filled my home with cheap, and badly made, furniture that have needed to be replaced more times than Spud's £5 comfort blanket! Now I'm older and wiser, I understand you pay for what you get, so paying £100 for a cheaply made bed, and £120 for some MDF you stick together isn't going to last you years.

Before I decorate Spud's room, I'd love to replace his furniture and bed. At the moment he has a mid-sleeper which has been fine to be honest, and can be sold as it's in perfect condition, but with Spud approaching 10 years old with his birthday arriving next month, I've been thinking of getting him a normal single bed. One that he doesn't have to climb a ladder each night to get in, which can be a difficult task if he's half asleep after falling asleep on the sofa!

Spud wants his room themed, his two preferred choices are star themed or football themed, so it would be great to have his furniture matching the theme of his choice. I've found lots of football themed furniture online (my favourite pieces so far are from Ollie & Leila), but I can't find many star themed items. It's more DIY MDF with stickers and cheap ones at that, I'm not the biggest fan of stickers and I've not got the most steady of hands!

When it comes to the bed, I've found the perfect football themed one! Ollie & Leila create bespoke beds that can be personalised too for no extra cost! Made from Scandinavian Redwood Pine and complete with a five year guarantee for peace of mind, the bed is really starting to warm on me and I've already found the perfect wallpaper to match!

In regards to the walls, I'm not sure if I'm going to go old fashioned and have a border up midway, keeping the walls a fresh white, and have a goal transfer on his main wall, OR, do I get football themed wall paper and put a feature wall in his room? I'm willing to go all out for this room transformation as I can imagine it being the last themed room Spud will have before he reaches a teenager! When he was a baby he had Winnie the Pooh, and then Mickey Mouse, then Toy Story and now either football or stars.

The carpet will be green if the football theme is decided on, I'm not a fan of green at all and wouldn't personally choose it myself! Previously Spud has always had blue carpets, but unless the star theme is his preferred choice then it's green carpet and either football themed blinds or green blinds to match the carpet!

Then it's just a matter of keeping the room tidy, something I'm really struggling with at the moment as it doesn't matter how many times I ask Spud to tidy his room, it falls on deaf ears! Even when I threaten to remove his television from his room he isn't bothered and doesn't budge a finger! In the end I get so annoyed at seeing the sight of it I end up tidying it myself, promising myself I won't next time, only to do it all over again!

Talking about tidying up his room, I must go and do that now as we have my nephew staying for the night this evening, and if he comes here with the room in the state it is, he won't be able to put a foot down to play, let alone sleep in there!

Jada x


  1. Oh I love the beds over at Ollie & Leila, I must keep them in mind for when Piglet needs a new bed