Friday 26 February 2016

Capturing Life's Special Moments!

When I was a child, when someone had a proper camera, and not a disposable one that you'd need to get the film developed, it was a pretty big deal! Nowadays, having a camera is somewhat of the norm isn't it!? We have phones, tablets, game consoles and even computers having camera functions, we have portable photo booths where we get passport photos done and we even have camera's in extra large boxes filled with lots of props for weddings and parties!

We've become a nation that takes an average of at least one photo per day - per person, it's safe to say we can't be anywhere without our camera's! We're now a selfie obsessed nation, we take photo's of ourselves with selfie sticks and capture the scenes from our camera screens, from food to tourist attractions, historic landmarks to children's plays and sports days, we even like to capture the latest news headlines!

Years ago, a newspaper or news station would rely on journalist and photographers to capture photos and videos for their stories, nowadays with nearly everyone having access to a camera of some sort, it's possible for anyone to catch what will soon be the latest news. I read news stories on a daily basis with passers by sending in clips and photos covering the story, passers by are on the scene immediately, whereas journalist and photographers need time to hear the news, and then time to travel to the said place.

We fill our diaries, both online and offline, both private and public with photos of our day to day lives, the food we've consumed, the outfits we've worn, the places we've visited, the products we love, the weather we miss, and the moments we've captured, the world is full of photo's, and what a beautiful photographic world it is!

Since becoming a blogger, I take more notice and pay more attention when I'm taking photo's, I check my surroundings and try to get the most perfect shots! I use photo editing apps to give me the best effect, and make sure my camera settings are adjusted for the photo's I take. As much as I love the camera on my iPhone 6, there's nothing like a proper camera to capture those special moments!

Until I can afford a DSLR, I've got a bridge camera which is okay I suppose, but after finding a competition online from Columbus Direct for a Canon Powershot SX400 camera, I had to enter it! There's something so peaceful and relaxing about taking perfect photos, and with a decent camera, such as the one up for grabs, those special photo's will be much more easier to capture.

From taking photo's to your child's play to your siblings graduation, photo's at a friends wedding to a godchild's Christening, a birthday party or sports day, you name it, the camera captures it! The world will never have enough photo's to fill it, so don't worry about the 400 selfies in your camera roll, or the 100 shots of the same plate as food, lifes to short to ever take too many photos! 

Jada x