Friday 12 February 2016

My Ideal Valentines Day...

Valentine's day is just two days away now and although I'm not celebrating the love day this year, a woman can still dream can't she!? Whilst many of you have booked your babysitters in, had your hair and nails done and treated yourself to a beautiful outfit, I'll be at home watching a horror movie and eating pasta dreaming of the day I could of been having!

I'm like a child when it comes to all sorts of events, give me a catalog, a bunch of magazines and some glue and I'd easily create a wish list on any occasion! These are my favourite valentine's day picks, and maybe they'll help some of my readers with their unplanned Valentine's day too!

 Fabulous Food
A lady doesn't have to be wined and dined to feel love, so don't worry about getting a reservation at the best restaurant in town! If me and Gareth was celebrating this year, I'd love for him to just cook me a home made meal with a nice glass of my favourite drink! My drink doesn't seem to be common and hardly anywhere stocks it, so why not treat your loved one to a home cooked meal with their favourite drink? It's more effort but less money, and I'm sure it'll be much more appreciated!

♥ A Dream Spa Treatment.
I know it's the thought that counts, so a card will do just fine, however if money was no object this would be my dream Valentine's day gift! I'm a big fan of massages, facials and other spa treatments so I'd be dropping hints everywhere for Gareth to buy a spa treatment for a gift! Of course this isn't something that makes just the Valentine's day list, it makes the birthday and Christmas list too!

 Parents Night Off
If like me you're a parent and in a relationship, why not treat your partner by booking in a baby sitter and having the night alone? You don't have to do anything fancy and it doesn't cost much at all! However the kids will get a break from their home environment, and the parents will get some well deserved time alone together, lets just hope one of you doesn't fall asleep early from exhaustion!

Breakfast/Brunch in Bed.
I know this is the norm for some of you to receive breakfast or brunch in bed on a regular basis, but for many, including me, it's never happened! I've given breakfast in bed, but not received it, but to be fair, that's most probably because I'm the first one up most of the time! Go all out with the full works along with some fresh orange juice or a nice cup of tea and coffee, and be rewarded with knowing you done something nice on the day of love.

♥ No Phones Day!
To be fair, Gareth is hardly ever on his phone, whereas I am! There's always social media to check on and update, someone calling/emailing/texting, or a game to be played out of boredom! I think if there was any day to banish phones, it would be on Valentine's Day. My parents always remind me of their days when they was younger, and how phones didn't exist, so if you're a person who spends a lot of time on their phone, but it away for February the 14th!

Until next time,
Jada x


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