Friday 5 February 2016

Impossible Experiences, What Would You Do!?

Drinking cold cups of tea has strangely become a big part of my day to day routine these days, and it's not intentional believe me! I like to have my cup of tea in peace, when I'm working I need to concentrate solely on my work and what I'd like to do, so if I need a drink beside my laptop it's usually a cold bottle of juice. When it comes to a relaxing cup of tea, I like to sit in the armchair beside the window and watch as birds fly past, the wind slowly blowing the huge tree branches at the bottom of my garden, and listen to magpies communicate with one another.

It's nice to have that 10 minutes out of the stressful working day with a cup of tea, away from the working desk, away from the housework that needs to be done, and away from the television which I often have on for background noise. My tea isn't going cold because of the nature I watch and listen to, but more because of the daydreams I keep falling into, dreaming about things that will never happen, but dreams that take me to places I've never seen before.

A lot of you know I try my hand in competitions every now and again, so I was pleased to come across the #impossibleexpierences competition this morning. The competition ask you what experience you'd like to go on if money and practicalities were no obstacle? One of their eight suggested impossible experiences is a Big Ben challenge, where you'll get to climb Big Ben and play with time! Another suggest experience see's you becoming a Stormtrooper for the day, being filmed on a Star Wars set and even having lunch with the cast!

What would you do if you could have your very own impossible experience? I'd love to be the owner of Bernard's Watch for the day, so we could visit a theme park for the day and be able to do every single ride and attraction! The queuing for hours is a major put off for me as it takes so much time out of the day! You'll be there for 10 hours, but only be able to do a handful of rides because of the amount of people visiting the attraction! Or maybe I wouldn't need a stopwatch, maybe just the whole theme park for ourselves!?

Spud and my nephew at Legoland.
Another impossible experience I'd love to be able to experience is being able to visit heaven to see loved ones who have sadly left living life. I can just imagine visiting my nanny Lew and my grandad Joyce and having lunch with them, asking them take me on a tour of heaven and introduce me to angels of all ages! Then I'd come back down to where I live again like it was a normal trip, just like visiting the supermarket, you visit, and come back! Of course, its an impossible experience for a reason!

After sharing just two of my #ImpossibleExpierences with you, have you thought about some impossible experiences you'd like to go on yourself? Why not enter IntoTheBlue's competition for your chance to win one of three £200 gift vouchers to spend on experience days which is POSSIBLE!?

Simply head on over and visit IntoTheBlue on their Twitter page, or Facebook page and let them know your #ImpossibleExpierences!

Good luck,
Jada x