Friday 19 February 2016

Saving My Sofa From The Puppies Teeth!

When you get a puppy, no one tells you about the bad things that can happen, people just like to tell you about all the good things, like the puppy cuddles, the giggles they'll give you when they see a dog on the television, and how they'll protect you from intruders and strangers. No one ever tells you about the bad things puppies can get up to though, like how they'll run around and roll themselves in mud just minutes after bathing them, how they'll think your dinner is theirs when you leave it on the edge of the table, or how they'll chew and ruin your furniture and items, like your shoes and sofa's!

I suppose it's just like pregnancy!

I love our puppy dog dearly, he is now part of the family, and I love, care and worry about him just as much as I worry about Spud, however I can leave the puppy dog alone, but not Spud! It's just the puppy is so much more hard work than Spud, don't get me wrong, Spud has accidentally broken things over the years, but he hasn't chewed up three lamps, a phone charger, a DS charger and ruined my sofa's!

I've been searching for ways to save my sofa's as they're not that old when I come across the infographic below, I'm shocked at how many sofa's make landfill waste every year, and knowing my sofa's aren't broken, just damaged, I can't really throw them away, nor afford that option either to be honest!

For now, I'm going to cover the sofa's with some black throws, and just hope the puppy doesn't chew them up like he has so many of his blankets!

Puppy/Dog owners, please tell me things get better!?

'Does The UK Have a Problem With Old Sofas? [Infographic]' – Created by Plumbs Reupholstery.


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