House Update: What's Happening Next....

14 months ago I moved into a house, a house my son asked santa for every year, a house we never thought we'd get, a house that needed lots, and I mean absolutely lots of work doing to it including a new roof from ABC Roofing, Inc. Now, just a little over a year of living here, it's time for me to really start concentrating on making this house a home, because to date, we've only got the lounge and kitchen sorted, and even the walls in these rooms need a re-paint already! 

Lesson to myself don't paint the walls white when you have a child and dog!

The room I'd love to get finished next would be the bathroom, the bedrooms aren't rooms that get seen by visitors, but often you'll find someone needing to use the toilet! The bathroom is also downstairs, with the lounge and kitchen, so it makes sense to get downstairs completed before we start on the upstairs! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

So the bathroom, a place where we bathe and relax, a room I loved when we lived at the flat, but a room I loath here in the house. I was going to add photo's to this post, I spent around an hour taking various pictures of the bathroom, but no matter how much I edit them, it still looks awful! They're way to embarrassing to share, even though we're not the tenants who caused the state of it, it's bad enough having to let people use my toilet, let alone share them to the web!

My bathroom is the most tiniest bathroom I or anyone in my family and friend circle has seen, it's so small if I was any bigger I'd seriously have problems fitting in there! Currently it needs damp proofing, plastering, replacing (the toilet, sink and bath tub), and painting. I've got the damp proofing and plastering covered along with the painting but I'm yet to make a decision on what bathroom unit I'd like, plus there's the cost to consider.

Apart from the colour, and small parts of the design, I am totally stumped on what to do with it as it's such a small room. Spud is still of an age where he uses bath toys, plus between the three of us, which will be four of us when me and Gareth make the next step, there is going to be lots of toiletries so a nice but large, bathroom storage unit is going to be an essential, much needed item!

We already have a unit that's located on the wall above the basin, and with the radiator being above the toilet, I really don't know what I can do, apart from installing shelves onto the tiles (which is literally my last option!) or having a built in basin unit so we at least have some storage under the sink!

When I first purchased paint for the bathroom, I went with white, as I thought it would be the best option, however, after seeing the state of my kitchen and living room walls, I'm not sure white is the best colour of any room when you have children and pets in the family! The bathroom at my flat was always blue, when it would come to redecorating it, I'd literally change the shade of blue, as back then, and still now, I can't imagine a bathroom any other colour!

Before I can start any of this though, I need to get the place damp proofed as the mold is awful, it's spreading faster than wild fire and really needs to be treated! Then it's onto the replacing, before the plastering and decorating can be done! They say Rome wasn't built in a day, but Rome's a lot bigger than my home, especially my seriously stupid small bathroom!

Have you got a room in your home you just loathe? A room you just wish you could re-build!? I'd love to read your comments below!

Jada x


  1. We moved in to our house 2 1/2 years ago and still have the original bathroom and I hate it. We have "patched" the floor and painted the walls but we need a new bathroom suite but can't afford it. I'm just in the process of decorating the small bedroom which I loathed, and am going to do a blog post on this. It takes so much time to have rooms exactly how you want them especially if like me money is the problem x

  2. Is it damp or is just poor ventilation? Small bathrooms are the most prone to develop mould as a result if condensation, as I know from experience.
    So far as storage goes, have you seen those brilliant tilt forward bath panels, that have lots of storage inside? There is loads of space around a bath that usually gets panelled in and wasted.
    Finally, have you thought about light reflective paint? I've used it in my bathroom that only has a roof light and it makes a massive difference.
    Good luck in making a room you enjoy!