Thursday 9 July 2015

The Importance Of Teaching Road Safety Danger.

Recently concerns was raised at Spud's school in terms of the way he is developing. I'm not quite ready to talk about the full scale of things yet, not because I am in denial, but because I am still trying to get my own head around things first before I can even begin to tell anyone else.

One of the main concerns with Spud is how un-safe he is when it comes to road safety, and it's one of my biggest concerns too! No matter how many times I tell him, and remind him of the dangers of the road, it's like he forgets as quick as I tell him, its as though it goes in one ear, and back out the other, although I know that's not the case, and that he does listen, but things can't register properly.

I've always been weary of roads and cars, being taught the dangers of the road from a young age myself. However, in November 2011, my cousin was run over by a car seconds after he got off of a bus, a car overtook the bus, and with that, my cousin was critically injured, we was all prepared to say goodbye, waiting for the life machine to be turned off, when an angel appeared and started fighting with my cousin.

Thankfully, my little cousin lived, he did occur life changing injuries, but he's well, he's alive, and he's just recently celebrated his 19th birthday. Some children, and even adults though aren't so lucky, and after finding the infographic below from Freeclaim on Road Safety Week (fully aware the date has gone, but I think it's an important subject), I wanted to share it, to remind you all to remind your children about the dangers of the road, and how fatal and life changing they can be.

No one is 100% safe, but if we can try and help ourselves, we sure do have a better chance at seeing another day!

Until next time,

Jada x


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