Thursday 16 July 2015

I'm Attending A 80s Fancy Dress Party!

On Saturday, myself along with Gareth will be attending my first ever fancy dress party. The party is a joint one, celebrating my big sister Paula's and my brother in law Williams birthdays! They're 80s babies, and so the party is 80s themed, thats costumes, hairstyles, make up, food, decorations, music, the vibe and everything else!

I ordered a 80s fancy dress costume this week, and got it sent on special delivery, but unfortunately, the costume didn't fit! So today, I along with my big brother Paul (Williams partner) have been rushing around shops like a headless chicken trying to find a back up for me! Why was Britney Spears not around in the 80s, she would of been a brilliant one to dress up as, cheap and easy!

I'm not exactly going as anyone special any more, thanks to my wide hips and big bottom not wanting to squeeze into the costume I ordered, so instead, I'm just going out in 80s dress up, with a tutu, leg warmers, a wristband, neon necklaces and bracelets and a black hoody with I love the 80s printed on it, in a bright neon pink!

The party is being held at Paul's house, and so Paul (my big brother/personal stylish/hair dresser/beautician) is busy basically all day! That mean's for like the first time ever, I am going to be responsible for my own hair, I can't do hair! I can wash it, dry it, brush it and straighten it, but that's about it!

I can't even put my hair up in a pony tail, it may sound silly, but I can't, not a perfect one anyway! There is always bumps and lumps everywhere, so how people get theirs so smooth, I have no idea! I'm not jealous or anything, well I won't be tomorrow any way as I've just got my hands on a hair tool I've wanted for ages!

Since seeing the amazing advert for the BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl Hydrotherm and watching a dozen or so people show it off on YouTube, I knew I one day had to own a pair! When going to buy my favourite gel polish from my favourite hair and beauty supplier I see them sat there on the homepage, and sat next to me was my amazing fiance who made out like they wasn't a big deal.

Secretly, without me knowing, he only went and got me a pair as a surprise, he dropped them round to me yesterday and I couldn't wait to get them out of the box! Of course I gave him a kiss, a cuddle and a thank you before I started having a go with my new toy, and luckily I did because I literally couldn't put them down!

They even brought back child hood memories as I wish I had a hair head I use to practise on when I was a little girl, not that I actually learned anything mind you, I can't even do a simple plait or pony tail, but can straighten my hair although I never owned a pair as a child to practise with haha!

Oh crikey, I've just scrolled up and realised how much I've written, I only come back to blogging properly today, there was me worrying about things to write about and I've said all this and could easily go on, and on, and on!

I won't keep you all for much longer, but I do want to ask you all an opinion, please can you let me know by Saturday which hair style out of A and B, or 1 and 2 you like best!? Now I've got the perfect tool to help me out, I'm hoping I'll have the perfect set of curls to accompany me to the partay!

A or 1:
Curly All Over?

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B or 2:
Straight On Top, Curly At Bottom?

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Please do leave a comment and let me know what you think will look best!

Until next time,
Jada x


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