Friday 3 July 2015

Stunning Rose Gold Pieces for Under £35!

We've got a big 'number' birthday coming up in the family and up until today, I was quite unsure on what gift to present to the birthday lady. I know the lady in mention likes ginger biscuits, because she always brings them along to family gatherings, reminding everyone how a good cup of tea isn't complete without a ginger biscuit (I can't agree, I don't like tea and I hate ginger!) and I know she likes to wear perfume, but I don't have a clue what perfume it is, and asking her is just obvious, she'll know its for her birthday as it's just around the corner!

I've never brought the lady in question a present before, 10 years ago, on her last big number birthday, I was only 15, a student and a new, first time mummy, so I couldn't afford a more expensive present then a box of chocolates. I think I brought everyone chocolates when I was younger, it was a cheaper option, I know its the thought that counts but everyone likes chocolate anyway!

Now I am more older and wiser, I prefer to gift presents that are actually going to get used, or cherished, or loved. Not something that can be eaten, with a box that needs to be thrown away, well a box that needs to be recycled actually, or flowers that will eventually die, or a bottle of wine that will soon be drunk and the taste memory long gone!

I don't know much about my aunties likes, we're not the closest of relatives, but she is still a relative and she always makes the effort with me and Spud. I do however know though that she loves rose gold jewellery after we got talking about my ring when me and Gareth got engaged.

My auntie told me her husband had first of all brought her a gold engagement ring back when she was 19 years old, she wore it until she was 29, 10 years after their engagement, and five years after they got married, until she eventually admitted to her husband that she didn't like the ring and never had!

Off they went to town that very morning, and the ring was replaced with her stunning rose gold ring, still on her ring finger today. Her old engagement ring is on a chain around her neck, too precious to not be worn somehow or the other! Luckily Gareth will never have to worry about that because I love my ring, and would never want a different one, not just because of it's looks, but because it's personal too!

So with the idea of rose gold in my head, I visited Buckley and found the three stunning rose gold pieces above, all priced at £35 and under, I need your help in deciding what piece to buy! I suppose it all does come down to personal preference, I for example am not a big necklace fan, I always feel like I can't breath properly no matter how loose the necklace is, but I really can't decide what one is the best as all three pieces are beautiful!

If you was an older more mature lady, what would you prefer? Would you prefer the necklace, the hoop earings or the bracelet? I love the bracelet, so so much, but I'm thinking of an older lady, so would this be wise?

Ahh this is the battle I've been facing all day, and it's why I've decided to share them here, because I can't make a decision!

Please vote below by leaving a comment!

Jada x


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