Thursday 16 July 2015

How Six Months Can Change.

Hello everyone, first of all I'd like to apologise for the lack of personal updates here on the blog recently. There has just been so much going on, I've just not known where to start to be honest! So I thought I would write this post and give you a little update on me and Spud.

Six months ago, we had not long moved into a house, a dreadful move, a move we're both still getting use too, living in a house that still needs so much work doing to it, seven months after moving in! There's also the fact that I got into a relationship after being single for five years, and we also got a puppy back in March for Spud's ninth birthday! I'm now also happily engaged, and have only just got my head around the whole idea!

The last few months have been so stressful, there's been times where I just wished I had enough money to pack mine and Spud's suitcase and go on holiday for a few weeks without a care in the world, but unfortunately my finances can't stretch to such wishes!

A few months ago, at one of Spud's parent evenings, I was notified of Spud having an IEP, otherwise known as an individual education plan, something I had never heard of before, and something I didn't know Spud had been on for a number of years.

After asking lots of questions, and having a meeting with the SENCO teacher, Spud has been seen by a psychologist and recently been referred to the local hospital for a number of test. Initially, the school would like Spud to be tested for ASD, and feel there may be other difficulties present.

When I look at Spud, I see a little fighter, a little soldier, a little worrier, a child who was born seven weeks premature, and a child who has battled through a number of health problems and operations, aside from this, he's mine, my boy, he's normal, he's just like everyone else, a child with his own personality.

In no way am I in denial about the whole situation, I have two nephews with Aspergers Syndrome, a cousin with ADHD, both conditions all apart of Autism (ASD). I think my problem is, I'm comparing Spud to those family members, and friend's children who have Autism, I've been told there is so many different types of Autism, but still I find it all hard to take in at the moment.

Spud is so different at home to how he is at school, at school for example, Spud is extremely shy, yet when I collect him from school every day he does nothing but talk, he tells me about his day, what he had for lunch, who he played with on his breaks and what he's learnt that day. At home, he talks, talks continously, he's his own person, he plays with things he likes, not what every one else likes, and he loves being in his own company.

Looking at Spud's school work reports, I know he is behind, I know he is not at the expected level, I know he's below average. Does he not just need extra help and time I've been asking myself over and over? My life has changed so much in the last six months, I'm engaged, a year ago I didn't even have a partner! I live in a house, where as just seven months ago, I lived in a flat!

We have a puppy, I never thought we would ever have a pet, we couldn't at the flat due to our tenancy agreement, and now, Spud is being tested for conditions and being seen by professionals who may be able to help him.

My psorisis cleared up for the first time in three years a few months ago and for the first time in years, I got my elbows out, elbows clear of psoriasis, although not clear of the scars my psoriasis left, by body was 90% free.

Now, I sit here staring at my body and watch it all break out all over again. I gained a tiny little bit of confidence for it all to be stolen back off me again. I have to thank Gareth for being my rock recently, my struggles would of been a lot harder if it wasn't for him.

I've been sitting at home bored a lot recently, I miss blogging the way I use too, I miss Unique Young Mum being the way it use to be. There is only one person who can get it all back, and that's me, the author and writer behind Unique Young Mum.

Spud will soon be breaking up for the six week school summer holidays, and with him at school in the meantime during normal school hours, I have time on my hands to build the blog back up. First of all, I'll be kicking things off with a Teachers Gift Guide, and will be looking into other idea's one at a time!

I can't wait to rejoin the blogging train, for I have missed it so much!

Wish me luck!

Jada x


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