Thursday 23 July 2015

Garden Dreams.

When me and Spud dreamed of a garden for him to play in, we didn't wish for anything big, we wasn't wishing greedy at all, a tiny small garden would of done us just fine, somewhere we could just put a little pool down for the summer, and in the not so warm months have a trampoline or goal post in its place.

The communal garden was taken over by the man below us, he planted flowers and trees wherever he could on our side.
Google Street View

Living in a flat often gets you wondering about gardens, I use to constantly sit there and wonder why things happen the way they do, why are there so many children without gardens, and yet so many single fully grown adults living in houses. At the flat, we was suppose to have a communal garden, but below me was a old man who took over the garden many years before I moved in. Although we was there for seven years in the end, I couldn't just randomly start to use the garden, it didn't seem fair, especially as he spent so much time and money on it.

So we carried on dreaming, until the house move come up. Opening the back door for the first time to what seemed like a jungle was amazing, I don't think any of us took in how big the garden was, we was just enjoying the moment of looking at our, OUR garden for the very first time. I started to imagine the fun we could have once it was all done and so on. Fast forward to the present time, we have a swing and see-saw set out there, a paddling pool, a child's gazebo, a water activity table, a sandpit waiting to be built and plenty, and I mean plenty of room left, enough for a trampoline, a goal post and lots more!

Just a tiny little bit of our garden on show! Before we got a lawn mower!

I should mention the following items are only just on our grassed area of the garden! On the patio we have a gas BBQ that really needs to be binned due to the not so welcome rust, plant pots, three scooters, a bike, a storage unit filled with garden items, two tables, about 20 chairs, I kid you, two benches, and Spud's table and chair set and there's still plenty of room left!

Not now, but when Spud is older and outgrown of garden toys, I'd love to have a summer house right at the bottom of my garden, somewhere I could work from without being stuck inside the front room, where I can't open the windows because Jezeppi (our puppy dog) tries to jump out of them!

Inside my summer house I'd have a lovely relaxing sofa, a stereo player, magazines, a desk area for me to work on, lots of accessories and family photo's. I'd have it decorated to my request, and I'd also install electric opening windows, just to be that little bit more lazy, and not due to the fact that every time I open a window, it seems a spider likes to say hello to me!

Just one of the summer house styles I love!
With the summer house being at the bottom of the garden, I'd still have plenty of room left, you know just incase I have other children or grand-children! I'd still have my patio area, that will hopefully be a decking area in the future and lots of pretty colourful plants and flowers! I'd not only be able to work from home, but I'd be able to work from a beautiful garden space too!

I suppose for now I really should concentrate on getting fencing up before I start planning anything else! I do run away with myself sometimes!

Until next time,
Jada x


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