Tuesday 28 July 2015

Summer Holidays

It's only day two of the summer holidays 2015 and we've already fitted in quite a few visitors and done quite a lot! I'm not a hot drink fan, but right now, I wouldn't mind a nice hot cup of tea, or even better a hot chocolate with some cream and marshmallows on top, with my feet up on the sofa, or my feet in my foot spa that I hardly get to use!

The weather has been rubbish, so we've not been able to spend any time in the garden really, and I'm working too so it's been a manic few days! Yesterday we had my friend Annessa pop round with her two children, giving Spud the chance to cue over her youngest baby, making Spud wish he had a sibling! Spud also played with Annessa's daughter, running up and down the stairs and chasing the puppy!

It was my sister Paula's birthday yesterday, she's not only my sister but one of my best friends too, Paula popped round with her two children which was nice for Spud as he had his two cousins round to play with and help trash his room, after spending the morning playing with Annessa's daughter. Then my big brother Paul popped in with his partner William to give Paula her card and presents and on top of all of this, Gareth had a very early finish and so decided to come and surprise me and Spud!

Gareth went and got us fish and chips, well actually I should say lunch from the chippy because none of us actually had fish! Spud had a battered sausage and chips, I had a saveloy sausage and chips, whilst Gareth had a pickled ghurkin, a spam fritter, a saveloy and chips, so no fish, he also popped into Morrisons for me bless him, a trip for me and Spud saved!

We then spent the rest of the day with me working, and sorting out mine and Spud's bedroom! We've still been living out of boxes where there is so much to do in the house, we've managed to cut down the boxes majorly, now it's just really a case of getting the rooms plastered, decorated and carpeted!

Whilst sorting out the bedrooms, we managed to have a sort out of all the bits Spud and I don't want any more, so today, we woke up quite late compared to yesterday (9am this morning to be precise!) and after making us breakfast I started photographing all the bits and pieces Spud has for sale. I've told him whatever sells of my items too, he can have the money also.

We're off on holiday soon and so Spud is trying to raise some extra holiday spending money, so far he has made £25, with £12.50 worth of items due to be collected in the next few days, and still a whole box left of items to sell! He's done good, he's had a clear out, raised money and learnt a little more about the value of money. I can't wait for the day I can finally stop having to tell him money doesn't grow on trees.

Spud has been really good so I promised him he could have a play on his game consol whilst mummy finished the afternoon off working. He's currently upstairs playing Disney Infinity whilst I'm sat here writing this post on what to do for dinner!

Shopping day isn't until tomorrow, so the fridge and freezer is quite bare, I'm also having a non-pregnancy craving of mash potato, although we don't have anything meaty to go with it, so I'm thinking maybe cheese and potato pie with beans or spaghetti and some buttered bread.

Whatever we have, it will be decent grub compared to the thousands out there in the world starving. I wake up every day and thank God for how blessed I am, a perfect beautiful family, a roof above our heads, money on the gas, food in the kitchen and clothes in our rooms.

I'm hoping the sunshine makes an appearance soon so we can get a few days out in the garden! It's our first summer holidays with us having a garden, it would be nice to enjoy it! On previous years, we watched out of our flat windows, wishing we had a garden to enjoy the glorious sun! We finally get a garden and what happens, there's not an ounce of sunshine in sight! Sods law ay!

I hope you're all having a lovely summer holiday so far!

Jada x