Monday 20 January 2020

(AD) Top Tips for Improving the Look & Feel of Your Home

The colder months always provide a great opportunity to work on some home improvement projects, so that by the time summer comes back around you can go out and enjoy the sunshine without having to worry. Regardless of whether you live in a mansion or a quaint little cottage, there are always some upgrades to be made. In fact, when you’re a homeowner you’ll probably never run out of renovation ideas. Here are some top tips:

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Make a Checklist
Start by inspecting your home for some obvious quick fixes that you can go around and tick off. For instance, do you have a dripping tap in the bathroom or a squeaky door? Making a checklist and ticking it off one by one with some smaller DIY tasks will help you feel a sense of achievement.

Install New Doors
You could consider investing in some new oak doors. They are manufactured to last, are great noise barriers and keep the heat in during winter due to their density.  With all those benefits in mind, you could argue that new internal oak doors are a fantastic investment.

Install New Windows
Ever thought about installing some decorative stone glass windows? While they’re traditionally associated with religious buildings, they can actually look really nice in people’s homes and are a great way to incorporate an element of your personality (especially if you get involved with the design stage). If you don’t want to replace a whole window, you could think about the panel in your front door.

Replace the Lighting
How energy efficient is your home? It might be time to replace your light bulbs with some LEDs, which are not only more efficient but they also usually last a lot longer. This means they will save you money in the long run. Plus, you can hook them up to your smart home device and control what colour they are.

Replace the Flooring
Whether you’re going for a fluffy new carpet or shiny hardwood flooring, make sure you save it until the end of your renovation project. Otherwise, if you’re painting or doing any other messy work, you might ruin the new floor.

Give the Walls a Fresh Lick of Paint
A layer of paint can really make a big difference. It will brighten up your home and just make it look generally a lot tidier. Wear and tear is natural, so it’s likely that you’ll have to paint your home once every few years.

There are some great home interior blogs and websites out there for ideas, so if you're looking to give your home a new look, whether it's something small such as giving the walls a new lick of paint, or a larger job like replacing all the windows, why not check out a few different styles and designs to see which ideas you like best.

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