Thursday 30 January 2020

Kinder Bueno Slow Cooker Fudge Recipe

Whilst browsing Facebook a few months ago, I came across a basic slow cooker chocolate fudge recipe and was instantly amazed at two of the things I discovered. One: You can make fudge, at home - EASILY and Two: The slow cooker isn't just for casseroles and stews! Being in a baking mood, I got to work with my first slow cooker fudge recipe, basically a throw it all in kinda thing, and was amazed at the results. My body wasn't - you know, more sugar and junk to add to the pile, but my tastebuds were tantalized, and yours can be too!

Plateful of Kinder Bueno Fudge in star and circle shapes.

The Ingredients.
600g cheap white chocolate, I'm talking the supermarket own value 30p stuff.
♥ 1 tin of 397g of Carnation Caramel or any brand condensed milk.
♥ 1 tea-spoon of butter.
♥ 1 tea-spoon of vanilla essence.
♥ A multipack of Kinder Bueno (some for the fudge and some for you to eat and enjoy!). For the fudge you're going to want two individual packs - so 4 bars in total - as each individual pack gives you two bars.

The Equipment Needed:
♥ Slow Cooker.
♥ Silicone spatula or large stirring spoon.
♥ Silicone food-safe moulds - any shape of your choice.
♥ The patience of a saint!

The Method.
1. Place 1 pack (2 bars) of Kinder Bueno into your freezer around 4 hours before you start making your fudge - you should ideally tape them out of the wrapper and place them in a sealed sandwich bag. An hour before you start to make your fudge, take the sandwich bag out of the freezer and bash the bag with a rolling pin until your Kinder Bueno's don't resemble Kinder Bueno's anymore!

2. Put all the other ingredients into your slow cooker, including one pack of Kinder Bueno (2 bars) that you ideally break up - on a LOW heat and leave the lid OFF!

Broken up white chocolate, Carnation caramel and broken up Kinder Buenos, in a slowcooker, ready to make fudge.

3. Stir the contents of the slow cooker every 15 minutes.

The aim is to produce a crust, and you need two lots of crusts to know the fudge is 'ready' to leave the slow cooker. A crust looks kind of like a weird skin, the texture is different, unfortunately every batch and every slow cooker will form a crust at a different time, so there is no set time on when a crust forms.

4. Once you have your first crust, stir - I mean BEAT the mixture really well to get it back to a smooth consistency again. Once it's all smooth, go back to stirring every 15 minutes until you get your second crust.

If you have an electric whisk then fire away at your own risk - and be prepared for your slow cooker to receive a billion scratches from the whisk. It saves your arm muscles though! 

5. Once you have your 2nd crust, you need to beat/mix the ingredients again to get that smooth texture back. This can take a good 10 minutes by itself, but you want the mixture as smooth and fine as possible to make the setting process go perfect!

6. Once your fudge is a nice smooth consistency, you now need to get it into the silicone mould of your choice. How you do this is entirely up to you, I used a mixture of spoons, a medicine dispensing syringe and a near-on breakdown, solved by Gareth telling me to breathe!

7. Once you've accomplished the near on impossible task of getting your fudge that doesn't look anything like fudge into the silicone moulds (if you purchased pretty shaped moulds like me!), its now time to get the frozen bashed up Kinder Bueno's out of your freezer, and into the moulds as quickly as possible. Although they've been in the freezer for four hours, the fudge is boiling hot, so it will melt the Kinder Bueno pieces quite quickly.

8. Once you've added in your frozen Kinder Bueno pieces, place the mould/moulds into the fridge or freezer so the magic can continue! You do not need to wait for the fudge to cool down before putting it in in the fridge or freezer, unlike other food groups.

Fudge setting times.
Fridge - Ideally a minimum of six hours, but overnight is best.
Freezer - around four hours.

9. Once your fudge is set, take them out the moulds, and enjoy. Or if your anything like me, you can make the mistake of getting everyone excited about your fudge, so you only end up having three pieces for yourself!

10. The fudge will last for 3 weeks in an airtight container in the fridge (if its only you who lives at home, and you only stay there once every 3 weeks). It's best not to leave them out in room temperature due to the ingredients of the condensed milk/caramel. 

Of course, you can make any kind of slow cooker fudge you'd like, Terry's Chocolate Orange was another favourite in our house, as was Peppermint Aero, the choices are endless!

Jada x


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