Tuesday 17 May 2016

Make Your New House A Home With These Awesome Tips

Buying a new house is exciting, exhausting and stressful. But eventually you pick up the keys and pack up your things for the move. It can sometimes feel a little disappointing when you first arrive at your new property. This may be the first time you’ve seen it empty. It no longer feels like the glamorous and stylish pad you last saw. It’s an empty shell. And your life is in boxes! So how can you make it feel more like home?

If you can paint it before getting all your belongings in, this will be easier. You can choose colours that are warm and welcoming. Start by painting the ceiling and door frames, though. A fresh coat of white paint can help lift the place almost immediately. When the paint is dry, you might want to change the flooring. Cosy carpets can feel very homely. But if you’re used to hardwood floors, stick with what is most comforting.

Once your furniture has been placed in each room, your new house should start to feel more like a home. Put up some curtains. If the old ones don’t fit, you can usually find sets for standard window sizes in department stores or home furnishing shops. Pick a vibrant colour to bring more energy into the room. You could add a new matching rug and cushion colours for a stylish new look too.

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Most people change the locks when they buy a new house. But have you considered changing the whole front door? It’s a great way to make a house your own. Picking a modern front door that suits your tastes and personality is one of the best ways to put your personal stamp on the place. It will feel more like your own each time you approach your house from the street. Best of all, you’ll feel more safe and secure in your new property.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two things that people hate having second hand. But it can be expensive to replace them both. Consider a deep clean to help you feel like the facilities are fresher. You can do this yourself, or treat yourself by hiring a professional team to tackle it. Consider painting the cupboard doors and changing the door handles in the kitchen. This can make it look like a whole new kitchen. Worktops aren’t too expensive to replace if you fancy a completely new look.

Have you spent any time in the garden yet? Your outdoor space could be landscaped to provide a better entertaining area for your housewarming party. A patio, barbeque area, and some flowers can create just the setting for comfort.

It’s not unusual to feel a little awkward and uncomfortable in a new place at first. The feelings soon fade as you begin to make the house your own. That doesn’t mean you have to keep all the old furniture and stylings from your last place. Sometimes a fresh start can feel more homely than trying to fit old things into a new setting. Enjoy your new home.

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