Tuesday 31 May 2016

Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is only a couple of weeks away, and there are lots of deserving daddies out there. Whether you're getting something for your own dad or helping your kids pick something for theirs, choosing a gift can be difficult. It can be hard to buy a present when you want the giftee to really like it. Then you get the dads who claim not to want anything at all, when you know he'll be miffed if you don't get him anything. Maybe he's just had a birthday too, and it feels like Christmas wasn't all that long ago. If you're stuck for ideas, try these for size.

My dad and Spud. All my dad ever wants for special occasions is new socks!
There are several forms of entertainment that just about anyone would be happy to receive. Some people love books, while others would prefer movies, TV box sets, or video games. Whichever your dad or your kids' dad prefers, they're sure to appreciate something new. Sometimes, it's easy to pick something they would like. They might have been mentioning something, or you know their tastes. However, if you're unfamiliar with what they like, it's a bit more difficult. Try asking a friend or looking at recommended products online. Better yet, just ask him.

A day out can often be a lot more exciting than a physical gift. The present itself might not last forever, but it will create some great memories. You could choose to take him out on Father's Day, or give him tickets or vouchers to claim a day out later. There are lots of things you could consider, depending on what he likes. For a typical macho experience, you can't beat something like a tank experience or paintballing. A more sensitive man might prefer to spend a day wine or whisky tasting, or just enjoying a delicious meal. There are also thrilling experiences like driving a luxury car or indoor skydiving.

The Start of a New Hobby
If you think he's looking a little bored in his downtime, what about starting him off with a new hobby? Perhaps he's expressed interest in brewing his own beer or making homemade bread. He might like to start gardening or doing something crafty. Of course, it doesn't have to be a new hobby. There might be something he already enjoys that you can support and encourage with your gift. For example, if he already spends time cooking, you could get him a new recipe book.

My dad's always up for a laugh and a giggle! 
The Silly Option
Father's Day is a great day to show appreciation for dads everywhere, but a lot of people don't take it as seriously as many other occasions. It's no Christmas, after all! If you want to stick with something light-hearted, there are many silly gifts you can consider. Around Father's Day, you can't move for t-shirts with humorous slogans. You can find joke items ranging from mugs to ties if you want to get a cheap and cheerful present.

Father's Day gifts aren't the easiest to pick out, but you have lots of options. Start looking now and you'll have the perfect present by the time the day arrives.

Jada x