Monday 19 September 2016

AD - Save On Your Christmas Shopping With Groupon Goods.

Today marks the 14th week until Christmas is here, yet again another year has flown by so quickly and we're left wondering where the time has gone. This time though instead of thinking about where the year has gone for hours like I usually do, I thought I would do something logical with my thinking time and write down a Christmas list of who I need to buy gifts for.

It'll soon be time for Father Christmas to visit again!

As you may of seen from a recent blog post where I wrote about money saving, I'm on a real drive this year to not only make money but to save money at the same time and as the second biggest event of the year is approaching - Christmas, I thought this would be the perfect time to write my first money saving post, because let's face it, who doesn't like saving a few pounds or even pennies when it comes to spending money?

No babies have been born this year, so there's no new family members to buy for unlike previous year's where it's seemed like my to buy for list just didn't want to stop growing, in fact it's dropped a few faces with relationship breakups. What I do know though is gifts will be different this year for those family members that have grown in milestones! My second eldest sister will be turning 30 just a few days before Christmas, and my niece will just be out of the baby stage with her 3rd birthday also a few days before Christmas. 

With such a big family (and I've just realised I've not even included Gareth's family on my list yet!), it's not only important for me to start Christmas shopping early, but it's essential too - to ensure everyone has something to open from me and Spud on Christmas day. If I left it until the last minute, It'll be guaranteed that everyone wakes up to a box of cheap chocolates as I just couldn't afford it!

From a three year old to a 80+ year old, I have lots of people to buy for, so all categories need to be considered, and as I love nothing more than saving money but gifting nicely, one of the first places I'd love to introduce you to is Groupon Goods, from presents for the teens, to products for our furry family members, Groupon have it covered, and one particular product I've been keeping my eyes on are mason jars so I can make homemade gifts with Spud for all the adults in the family - cheap, yet personal.

Surprisingly not many people know about this service from Groupon, however as I'm a big fan of the discounter you may of seen me talking about them on my social media channels before. You all know how much I love showing off my buys and purchases to you, especially when I've got a pretty discount on the items full price!

Have you started your Christmas shopping or are you one of those who get everything at the last minute? Or are you one of those who've been finished since January! I'd love to hear any money saving tips you have, so please do leave me a comment below!

Jada x


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