Tuesday 6 September 2016

Dear Spud, On Your First Day Of Year Six.

Dear Spud,

Today you start your first day of year six, your first day of your final year at primary school and I can't tell you how proud I am of you.

Whilst some children love, or don't mind school, you're one of the children who could easily stay at home and fit the home educated lifestyle.

You struggle to process information, and struggle with your work which often upsets you.

I know you try your best though, and for that I couldn't be more prouder.

As a last surprise for the summer holidays, I told you on Thursday that we was going on holiday in the morning (Friday morning) and I watched as a ginormous smile spread across your face, until you asked when we was coming back.

I told you we would be back on Monday as you was starting school on Tuesday (today) and the smile slowly disappeared as you told me you hated school.

I know you hate school, but we all need to learn, and I know it's not because of the learning that you hate school, but for various other reasons.

I'm hoping that year six is your year, and the start of many good school years to come, you only have one more year left at primary school and then you'll be attending big boy school - secondary school.

Today got off to a good start, after not waking up to your puppy for three days, you was super excited to get out of bed and be greeted by him, you had snuggles with him before having your breakfast and getting ready for school.

I got a few pictures of you for the obligatory back to school photo's that mummy needs, and we giggled at the faces you was pulling, you didn't want to smile and I would never force you, so instead I snapped the image of you in your true self and we giggled when looking back at the photo's.

I was surprised at how happy you seemed to be going to school when we left to walk to school, you were super excited because your 'new' teacher is a teacher you've had in a previous year (year four) and both of us are very fond of her, you're also excited to see your 'friends' again after not seeing them for six weeks.

As we got closer to your school, in the near distance I could see your worse fear approaching us - the sweeping machine. Luckily Gareth was with us and so we decided to get you in the middle of us knowing at any second you could spot it. Sure enough you spotted it a few seconds after I did, and the panic set in.

To see you so terrified only minutes away from school, on your first day of your last primary school year was horrible, it's horrible at any time and any day, but to see you rather happy only a few minutes before, and then to see you so distraught broke my heart.

Luckily me and your step dad was able to calm you down and get you to school with a dry face, but I'm still sat here now worried about you and how your first day is going. I know you'll have the sweeping machine in your head, worrying about it being on the road when you're collected from school, and I just wish I could reassure you again that I will never let it hurt you.

As you're nearly halfway through your school day, I can only hope and remain positive that you've had a good morning so far. Soon it will be lunchtime and pretty soon it will time for you to be home where you belong.

Jezeppi is missing you loads, he doesn't understand why you didn't wear that uniform for so long, but today you put it back on and have left him for the day, he keeps wondering around the house looking for you, but I know you both will be super excited to see each other when you're back from school!

He's not the only one that's missing you of course, the house isn't the same without you, it's not home without you and I too can't wait for you to be back home with your mum and fur brother.

I know this year is an important year at school for you, and together working with the school, I will help you in anyway I can. You never cease to amaze me with your approach to work and difficult situations, and for that, you make me the proudest mummy alive.

I love you prince,