Tuesday 20 September 2016

AD - Saving Money With Retailers Using Groupon Codes!

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

Did you see my post yesterday talking about Groupon Goods? If it was your kind of post and you love nothing more than saving a few pennies or pounds, then read on for some more amazing savings with the popular discounter. I should've really spoke about both in the one post, but out of respect for these two amazing services, I thought it was only right that they have their own post, let's treat them as two individual members of royalty shall we?

Okay, so when I speak about making money and saving money at the same time, I know it may leave some of you feeling confused. How can you spend money, but save money at the same time? Surely the only logical thing would be to not spend any money at all right? However, I don't agree, besides, no matter how much we may not want to, for many of us, spending money is a daily routine in our lives, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try and save money at the same time as spending though!

Am I confusing you? Please take a seat and let me explain. So you have an important occasion coming up, maybe it's someone's birthday, a Christening/Baptism to attend, an engagement party, a special event or even a wedding, and you know you can't turn up without a gift, but there's one problem - you're on a tight budget but you don't want to look tight.

First of all, you need to set yourself a budget, then head on over to Groupon Coupons and find yourself a retailer you fancy the look of, I'm looking for discounts to treat my second eldest brother on his birthday, my brother was born a man but let me tell you he's the Queen of the Gays, and so I know exactly what he loves - glitter, mirrors, sparkles, tight shirts and hearts.

Paula - my eldest sister, and Paul - our brother 'the Queen'!

Straight away I've found myself a discount code for House of Fraser, and know without a doubt, that's one place I can find my brother a present he'll love and have no need to return! I've not only found one discount code, but a list of well over 10 that I need to look through to find the best one, because we never settle for the first one we find do we?

Even if you don't have a present to buy, Groupon coupons can be amazing for big discounts on stores nationwide, so if you fancy treating yourself to that winter coat or boots that you've had your eye on for a while, it's always worth checking Groupon first to see if they have any discount codes you can use to save yourself a few pennies or pounds, after all a penny saved is a penny towards that next purchase.

What's the best discount code you've ever come across? I once found a Foot Locker code for 50% off which got me the cutest pair of pink trainers for half the shelf price!

Jada x


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